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Shauna Hamil

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my favorite little 4 month old trevor levi labounty!!!
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Shauna Hamil

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*********Do you go to work everyday afraid taht you're going to lose your job? Are you having trouble finding employment?
*If you had to go into your boss' office right now and ask for a day off or vacation would you get it approved?
********Are you dodging bill collectors?
******Do you feel as if you are sacrifising the best of your success for someone else to take the credit??
*******At the coffee area at work or at home around the dinner table do you talk about how crappy your job is or how unsatsfied you are at what you do for a living????
*********Are you overworked and/or underpaid??

If you can ansewr no to all those questions above, then congratulation, I am so HAPPY you found a job & lifestyle you are happy with---THIS IS...HOWEVER...VERY RARE!!!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you HONESTLY answer YES to ANY of or ALL of the above question, there is no better time to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an ENTREPRENEUR!!!! HOW DO YOU DO THIS??????

email me to set up an application with me at
or you can simply visit my FREE website and click on a few of my videos that explain the challenge and even if you are not interested in a home based business for yourself............there are oppertunities to win BIG by getting healthy!!!!!!

I hope I can help you just as someone helped me get to where I am at life... Happy, prosperous, successful, and feeling better than I have in a long time and in my BEST SHAPE!!!

email me for details on how you can get started on a challenge or find your own financial FREEDOM!!!
Learn how to get yoru KITS for FREE!!!!!
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Shauna Hamil

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I have immediate openings and am looking for 6 motivated, coachable, energetic individuals and/or couples who want to live a healthy and prosperous life! MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD> NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED>WE TRAIN FREE!! MUST> able to adapt to AMAZING Transformations, care about your health, fitness and finacial goals as well as of those you will serve, be self-motivated and self-directed, have a great desire to be your own boss, LOVE to have FUN, have BIG dreams and GOALS, have strong communicative skills, MUST want paid for vacations and FREE products, and company BMW's to drive, MUST BE COACHABLE, MUST BE WILLING TO ALLOW OTHER PROMOTERS WITHIN VISALUS HELP GET YOU THE TRAINING YOU NEED AND GET YOUR BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING TO MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS TO ITS TOP POTENIAL!

perfect job for those people who are looking to make some extra money or spend more time at home or with the kids. if you would like mroe information please email Shauna at

We are looking to branch out our team and really educate people about their helath and the health of the children to come!! Obesity is a real issue people, and body by vi challenge is blowing up the charts in success not only for the customers, but for the promoters as well!!!!

We hope to hear from you soon for any questions from ANYONE!! If you have a goal in life,,,,,,then we have a solution to reaching it for YOU!!!!!

take a minute to visit my site and sign my guest is FREE and click on my videos that will tell you the wonderful bennifits of ViSalus and the challenge and I can fill in the rest of the questions you are left with for you JUST shoot me an email !!
Thank you for checking out my blog and my site!! TRUST me it LIFE CHANGING!!!!
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Hey everyone! my name is Shauna Hamil, but everyone knows me by Shay! I live in Duluth, mn and i own my own health business as a nutritional educator. I also just recently graduated from UW-Superior where I recieved my Bachelor degrees in both Legal Studies and Criminal Justice. my daughter will graduate next year from high school so I wanted to be able to spend loads of time at home while I have her here before she goes off to college herslef! My interests are singing and I am a belly dancer as well. I have a wonderful husband who has 3 great adult children to add to our awesome family!! I am a nutritional educater for Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge where health comes first!! OBESITY is a huge and growing problem for adults and worse yet for our children. If you are interested in learning more or if you want to or are thinking of improving your health, I CAN HELP YOU!! I am currently hiring as well on my team of promoters!! IT IS AMAZING being paid to get healthy and help others to do the same all while getting my kits FREE month after month. please visit
my website is FREE to view and feel free to cllick on my videos and sign my guest book I will be MORE than happy to answer any questions that you have!! Body By VI Challenge is made for EVERYBODY AND EVERY BODY!!!
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I graduated from a private school in 1993, and had my daughter one year later! I was a single parentfor 15 years unitl I met my current and wonderful husband. I was told that when I started school I might not be able to keep that made me want to try harder. I made the deans list every year for 5 years and i added my major of Legal studies to a double law major and also added Criminal Justice. I did all this while working full time jobs and being a single parent!!! I graduated with honors at the Cum Laude level. I also learned sign language and spanish while in school. i graduated in may 2010! I have been through a rough life as I became an adult, but no matter how hard and impossable life seemed to be, i did not lie down and DIE!! I hit the ground running!!! PERFECTION
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I am spending as much time that I haev left with my teen daughter as she has one more year left of highschool! I started up my own business to allow me to work from home It is called ViSalus Body By Vi ! i have never had a job that I truly enjoy working in and coming up on top and getting paid what i deserve!!! What job do you know that Pays their promoters to get helathy, drive FREE BMW gives away thousands of $ monthly pays for vacations and meetings ??? ViSalus does. visit my site and sign my guest book and I will tell you everything and all the perks about working for yourself within this company. you work for yourself,,,but are NEVER by yourself!!! email me with questions or for an application for a job or join the 90 day challenge at I CANNOT WAIT TO WELCOME YOU ALL TO THE TEAM!!!
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