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Interesting concept for an npc bounty hunter?
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Clone Wars is Back.........👍

Question: How are other DM's coping with the damage output of classes like the sorcerer?

Lighting Fork used with Gather Power at 3rd level = 7 D6 + Charisma x 2

If they get the recharge roll too they can essentially stroll through 2 fights. Also I thing their is a ability which lets a player do a -1 to there roll so if a chain misses they can use this.

I have added the odd lighting resist when it feel right with the monster and tried adding buffer fights to try and get them to use there big spells. Does anyone else have other ideas?

Collar of humanity

Placed on an animal companion, it transforms the animal into a humanoid form. It still may have some of the traits of its animal form, like a long bushy black bushy hair with white streaks in it, if the animal was a badger or a feather pattern tattoo around its eyes if it was a bird.
In humanoid form it can do everything a human can do but must learn to speak and can only use simple weapons.
Each day the ranger must make a normal save to keep the animal in human form. After a certain amount of time it turns into a hard save. After a determined period the saves stop and the animal remains in the human form. Once this happens the ranger must make a save to turn the humanoid back into an animal.
The longer the animal is in humanoid form, the more depressed the animal gets.

Quirk: Prefers the company of humans rather than animals.

Anyone run into trying to describe daily powers to old D&D players yet?

Player: It's a new day, do I get my powers back now?
DM: No, you get it back after around 4 fights? You only had 2 fights yesterday, it's to help balance the fights.
Player: But it's a daily power?

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Added photos to NAF Championship 2013 Nottingham UK.
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