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Shambhu kumar
Haiiii frndz.. now in google+,, seems good circles here.
Haiiii frndz.. now in google+,, seems good circles here.

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We are looking for ColdFusion developer with 2-3 years of experience. If you are interested, apply here -

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Not able to run vbscript using cfexecute on Windows 64 bit Machine - Solution
Goal: To run VBScript using CFexecute using command base script Cscript.exe Environment:  ColdFusion 10, Windows7 , 64 bit Machine. My VB Script(Excel.vbs) performs simple office automation . So first I tried with command line to run Excel.VBS C:\Windows\Sy...

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POI Compatibility Issues with ColdFusion with Compex ExcelSheets
In this post I will discuss with Issues coming with the latest POI 3.10 in ColdFusion 9/10.. Recently I worked on Import/Export features of Excel documents in my project. Moreover, this excel documents are too much complex with Multiple trigger and rich wit...

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Mach-II Framework - Basic beginner start.
 My journey towards learning Mach-II framework Few days back, I have added post regarding CF frameworks. In this post we are going to understand what Mach-II is and what this beautiful framework provides. There is already a superb Github directory from wher...

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ColdFusion Frameworks - Which one to choose ?
Some one ask me few days back - Conversation Starts. Anonymous - Do you know any of the CF frameworks like Mach-II ? Me - No, I have not worked with any of them in my project so far, but I am having some Idea about MVC frameworks. Anonymous: Ok good, so how...

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isapi_redirect 500 Internal Server Error
Today I was Installing Dev Version of ColdFusion Splendor in Machine. I completed CF 11 Installation successfuly but when I try to run CFM code then I got this strange error. 500 Internal Server Error - I was never aware of such type of error in past so wha...

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How to Secure your ColdFusion Server
Here is my Video of Seminar - ColdFusion Security: How to Secure your ColdFusion Server Hope it may help you. <cfSecurity>

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How to Secure your ColdFusion Server - Seminar Response
Here is my Feedback Summary of Seminar which I have given last week - How to Secure your ColdFusion Server Quick Look on Seminar Slides:

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ColdFusion Security - How to Secure your ColdFusion Server
ColdFusion Security - Securing CF server from Shambhu_kumar

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Cookies : setDomainCookies Funda
All knows what setDomainCookies does. If not Please revisit " To set CFID and CFTOKEN cookies
for a domain (not just a host) ". and generally we use to set it as false always. I faced real time problem in my Application few days back. We create multiple web...
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