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Hi folks, a new PDF release from me which you may like:

The Queen's Men

In 1975 auteur director Luis Zorge created a late night action series of Elizabethan spies and the supernatural.

The Queen’s Men threw historical accuracy to the wind and mixed action, adventure, espionage and horror into something quite unique, before it was abruptly cancelled.

This is the roleplaying game of that series. A multi-layered fiction where 70s genre television re-interprets history and you play an actor playing a historical personality - badly.

Featuring everything you need to tell the story of the making of this classic show:

- Quick and easy rules, based on The Agency
- Pick up and play characters and scenarios
- Stunt crew strikes, DVD extras, wobbly sets and bad haircuts

A roleplaying game for people who love quirky genre TV, inspired by shows like Department S and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

PDF available at RPGNow:

The Black Archive

Bazso Bas of the Lampblacks needs some very particular blackmail on Alderman Grendel, up and coming politician of Crow’s Foot. There’s just one problem: The details are in a secure vault within the archive of Governor’s secret police, situated just beyond the ghost-fence that rings the city.

So all you need to do is find a way onto the rocky outcrop, get into the fortress, past the Blue Jackets and their masters the secretive Sentinels. Find the vault, disable the alarm systems and get inside. Oh, then get out again in one piece.


All in a days work for a gang of thieves in Duskwall.

GM: Matt Machell
System : Blades in the Dark
Players: 2-4
Slot: PM

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Hello everybody,

I recently released The Filthy Dozen - a darkly amusing game of goblin commandos.

It's got ridiculously quick character creation, minimal prep, tragi-comic combat encounters and a dash of satire and grotesquery.

Hey folks,

it's been a while, but I'm getting round to publishing some of my projects (I just launched yesterday).

Now it's been a few years since I did any marketing in RPG land. So I thought I'd ask what people have found useful in the last few years for online promotion?

For me, I mostly learn about new RPG stuff via G+ and Twitter these days, but I'm wondering what else is out there I may have missed?

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Have decided what I'll offer!

Title: Lord Dudley's Menagerie

In 1975 auteur director Luis Zorge agreed with London Weekend Television to produce a late-evening action series. The Queen’s Men threw historical accuracy to the wind, mixing action, adventure, espionage and horror into something quite unique, before it was abruptly cancelled.

This is the story of that series, and just what happened when Marlowe, Dee and co. searched for a lost heiress in an abandoned chimerical menagerie.

It's also a tale of poor set design, hammy actors, DVD commentary and bad 1970s perms.

GM: Matt Machell
System: The Queen's Men / The Agency

Title: The Gonnes of Nava Rûn

A crack team of goblin commandos attempt assult the cannon emplacement in the old dwarvern fortress of Nava Rûn. Will they survive? Will they bring glory to the army of his grace, The Twilight Lord? Just what use is that jar of eels and a ritual spork?

A slightly satirical game of grotesque goblin commandos, trying their best not to get killed or put on latrine duty.

GM: Matt Machell
System: The Filthy Dozen

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So the new BBC series Taboo, starring Tom Hardy and finding its way through the seedier parts of 19th century London, is worth a look for the Blades feel. Lots of grime, back alley deals, spies and the East India Company being bastards.


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extension of a joke I saw earlier:
~/EU/ $ sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove UK
[sudo] password for voteleave:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
The following dependencies will be REMOVED
free-movement trade-deals oversight sterling-stability economy
0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 51.9 to remove and 48.1 not to upgrade.
After this operation, 1 GB will be lost.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
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Question for +John Harper from a player at last night's session.

How can I recruit new cohorts as a downtime action? It feels like it should be possible, but nothing quite seemed to fit, short of training and applying it to the crew sheet rather than their own playbook. I wondered if it was left to crew advances deliberately, but it felt like the PCs should be able to do something in that vein during downtime.

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