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Dear G+,

I was willing to put up with your trite "What's Hot" until you started stuffing Royal Baby celebrity crap in my stream.

Hint: I don't have any interest in people that paparazzi follow.

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Hate the icon-y dumbed downness. I don't need an icon of a camera, play arrow, chain, or calendar to read "photos", "Video", "Link", or "Event".  I'm not fucking 5, nor am I illiterate.

At least I found the switch to turn off that horrible two column crap. [Under the search bar, there is "All", "Friends", "Family" "Acquaintances" and "More" with a down arrow. Click o "More" and at the bottom you will see two icons under "Stream Layout". For single column, click on the one with a single column.]

The deed, it is done. We signed on the house Wednesday. I'm now an indebted homeowner.

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If you are white, like me, watch this, and understand why nattering about a black person's hair is just asinine, and what your "black friend says" is irrelevant. The most WTF part comes when the lady puts her hand in the mother's hair. Really, would you do that to someone who was Italian, German or Jewish, redhead or blonde (or whatever else wasn't like your hair)? Class A rude, IMO.

Serious sticker shock at the printer: $210 for 200 copies of a 14 page program.  All this because the fuser on my laser printer needs to be replaced (it has a permanent streak).  Hint: 6 reams of paper plus toner doesn't cost $210.  What's worse is I have the replacement fuser, just haven't had the time to tear the damned printer apart to install it.

Here, lurking as usual.  Using my that I've had since before google existed - it's a matter of conviction and ethics for me.

I'm older, fatter, a hair more cynical and a lot more stubborn.

You know what is irritating?  G+ ends up creeping up a discussing that you were once involved in every time someone posts yet another comment to it.  So a week old discussion that you've abandoned because of the contemptible troll in it can keep coming back into your stream like cockroaches in a cheap apartment complex.

This is two days in a row that I've seen "recommended" Weight Loss or diet type crap in my stream.  Why the fuck would they think that I want a fucking diet?  Because I'm female, because I'm over 30?

Needless to say, I mute that crap.  If it keeps up, I will start marking it as spam.  I don't need G+ to pimp the sugar and diet industry axis of evil to me.  I don't watch TV for the same reasons.  That shit offends me.
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