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Amberlynn Lane
Teaching kids epic awesomeness through music.
Teaching kids epic awesomeness through music.

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My first article on Medium. I would be honored if you would read and maybe even "recommend."

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I had fun sharing the (real) process of prepping this delicious (gluten-free, vegan) meal from Russia.

Raising the status of teachers:
Public school teachers in the US used to enjoy a relatively respected status, but currently seem to be seen in a low-light by the general public despite the amount of requirements mandated to become a school teacher. Lately, I've considered how most every licensed occupation is accompanied by identifying title letters: MBA, CPA, LE, Esquire.... So, I'm thinking teachers have to pass exams, go through steps, and jump through rigorous qualifying hoops - why not title letters? What about LPT for Licensed Professional Teacher? It would be a simple and effective way to raise teacher status. At least a little. What do you think?

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