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This is just disgusting!

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BLM! Broken corrupt & disgusting! You have to wonder where the money goes?? We know it goes to Washington but to whom?

Part 6 & the conclusion but not the end! Please share this for the Wild Horses & Burros that can not speak for themselves! We need loud voices & we need many voices, please let yours be one.
Thank you!

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Apparently the gore is saved for the last segment! I'll forgive if you choose not to watch. However, turning away will not put an end to it!

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Only 2 parts left to go, please share, it's the least you can do to create awareness to this tragic story! 

Horses, Wild Horses & Burros! Please share their tragic story. Only our awareness can save them!

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Again please share!

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Please share this with your circle!

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