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Plus One Button - Firefox Add-On
Adds a Google +1 Button to your urlbar to +1 any page.
Adds a Google +1 Button to your urlbar to +1 any page.

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The add-on is currently broken because I'm moving to another hosting provider. I'll keep you updated when it is fixed.

Happy Easter Everyone!

So how are you going to spend the last day of 2012?

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Happy 2012 everyone! Thanks for your support, for your feedback and for spreading the word!

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Version has been reviewed and released some weeks ago. So if you havn't already, go update now!

What would you like to be improved in the add-on?

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So now that Google finally introduced Branded Pages I'll be migrating the Facebook page to +Google+ soon. Not sure wether to wipe the FB page entirely. Anyways, welcome here!
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