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Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Artwork Services

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Need cheap and easy to assemble paperminis for your tabletop RPGs? Check out my Patreon releases, with fantasy and Lovecraftian horror paperminis. Now starting on transhuman sci-fi characters.

Thanks to all patrons for your patronage.

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I sketched some Star Wars characters with pencils last week. Be seeing ya General. 
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Merry Christmas to youse all! 

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Hishgraphics Patreon Release! Here are some paperminis of quasi-barbaric adventurers for your fantasy campaign, to be used as player characters and/or non-player characters! Download for free!

Photo: Six Wilderfolk of the Dust Plains (L-R: the crone, the dust king, the urchin, the skullsmasher, the bladeswoman and the shadow scout - or whatever you want to call them, they're yours) pose for a photo. Behind them are three Rangers of Sword Valley from last month's Patron release!

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I drew this Incom UT-60D U-wing transport/gunship to welcome the release of #RogueOne in a couple of weeks.


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Now the Hishgraphics Patreon returns to fantasy paperminis with themed groups, beginning with these so-called Rangers of Sword Valley. Download and assemble the free Pioneer-class pdf here! Contribute! Be a patron! Or just share my misshapen excuses for paper miniatures!

(Sure I call 'em Rangers, but they can be anything you want them to be. Like that one tough-looking dude there, he really wants to be an apothecarist. Dare to dream.)

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These will be released once I take photos of the paper miniatures!
Upcoming Patreon paper miniature artwork. Commissions are open. Artwork such as these are $30 a piece if anyone's up for them.
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I drew a commission for +Erik Jensen and now it's up on my blog.

If you want to a commission artwork from me, my rates are $20 for a single character black and white inks, $40 for a single character inked and digitally colored; and $60 for a single character digitally painted.
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