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Donald Trump is coming on strong against Ted Cruz.  And now tonight he says.., he'll have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for us.

Here's the ABC News article:

PS- One reporter covering the race just said he checked flight arrivals that could tip off "WHO" has just flown into Iowa that might give us a clue.  Well, guess who just flew in from ALASKA?!  Yes, Sarah Palin -- a very popular politician still ...with the conservative GOP base in Iowa!

Could it be that Mrs. Palin will be by Donald's side tonight???  Hmmm.

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I accidentally found this very talented young artist when I clicked on another clip from a friend's page.  She was in one of Europe's big Idol type contests (I couldn't understand their language, of course), but when Molly belted out this rendition of the popular hit "Freak" ... she blew me away!

I have no idea if Molly is a big star in Europe - I saw the word Sweden in one of the titles so I think that's where she's from?  But, after hearing a few songs of hers in the contest, I'm guessing we could see this young lady someday on the American music scene especially -- SOON!  

Who knows ... even worldwide to a degree, if she has just a few original hits?!  What do you think (once you hear and see her perform)? :)

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I didn't know Michael Bay was the director of this series?!  Anything he does, in my opinion, is "always brilliant"! 
Guess I'll be recording "Black Sails"!  :)

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Cars zoom by on a July evening in the heart of Tokyo


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Great performance of this beautiful song ... in Paris ... Live!  Wouldn't that have been fun.  :)
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