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The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out 1965
The single I'm Rowed Out by The Eyes from the UK made the scene at the end of 1965 and later appeared on the bands first album The Arrival Of The Eyes in 1966. #60sGarage #60s #60sMusic #garagebands

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The Monocles - I Cant Win 1966
The Monocles were a #60s Colorado #garageband. I Cant Win is an #obscure song from 1966 brought Back From The Grave.

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The Bluestars - I Can Take It,
#Auckland, New Zealand #60s #garagerock band The Bluestars only recorded a few #45rpm records, but their #songs have been included in over a dozen freakbeat, hipster and nuggets etc. various aritst #compilation albums. I Can Take It is song released in 1965.

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The Tigermen ‎– Close That Door 1966

The Tigermen were a short lived #60s #garageband foursome from the Buffalo, New York area American #garagerock music from the 60s.

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The Spirits - Almost There 1966
The Spirits were a #garageband from #Hawaii. Their song Almost There is from the peak year of the #60sGarage #music explosion. #YouTubeMusic

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The Chelsea Five - Leave Me Alone 1965,
60s Garage Band from Dallas Texas
#Sixties #SixtiesGarage

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The Spats - Bottom Of It All 1967
Los Angeles 60s #GaragePunk

#60s Southern California #garagerock band The Spats 1967 song Bottom Of It All. The Spats are from the #LosAngeles metro area. Their songs have been featured on some good 60s garage music #compilations. Where the Action Is! Los Angeles #Nuggets (1965-1968) is one.
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