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Finally remembering to ask this (for some reason it always comes to mind in the car). Why an Eight Inch Tsunami, specifically?

Although it does occur to me that eight and one are the only options if you want an acronym that isn't a real word. That could be reason enough.

Nobody told me Chrome does tap-to-zoom in OS X. Holy crap.

Discovered purely by accident, because I noticed I was doing three-finger taps to do dictionary lookups, not three-finger clicks. Random tapping led me to (two-finger) tap to zoom. They've also implemented pinch-zooming.

I would kill just to get two-finger scrolling on my PC at work. But is there any such thing as a Windows trackpad that doesn't suck? I'm not optimistic about getting a Magic Trackpad working without hacking.

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My favorite headline about the new feathered dinosaur discovery.

If I see one more "Hot on Google+" post about Android or Google Glass, I'm out of here.

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Somewhere in a parallel universe, an unknown guitar player named Bob Welch put some demos up on his MySpace page.

A server configuration error caused them to show up in our universe instead, where one-time Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch found them, said "What the fuck," and sold it as a Greatest Hits album. Which he then reviewed on Amazon.

I'm still annoyed that none of the originals are on Spotify.

Oh, this just burns me.

There is no reason in this day and age for "Intruder" and "Oh, Pretty Woman" to be presented as two separate tracks. Does anyone really skip over "Intruder"? Do those people even count?

If you buy them from iTunes you have to pay for two tracks. If you listen to them on Spotify there's a freaking gap between the two. And don't get me started about shuffle play.

If someone really needs to jump ahead to the "second" track, let 'em use the damned slider thingie.

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Today I discovered that two-finger scrolling in iOS doesn't have the risk of accidental clicks that one-finger scrolling does.

Until I saw a reference to two-finger scrolling in Apple's web design docs (, I had no idea it was even an option. This despite the fact that I've been wondering why they didn't use it, seeing how well it works on the Mac.


Well, damn. I don't hate "Shiny Happy People" after all.

That doesn't mean I'll forgive them for "Stand," however. Some things are just unconscionable.
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