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Someone told me I was interesting once
Someone told me I was interesting once

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I have a question google-minded people. I have a google voice number attached to my secondary/work gmail account and a personal GV number on my main gmail account. I can't get the secondary one to send texts or calls to hangout. I can't even seem to get hangout enabled. Any ideas? I'd love to be able to see my text messages for either phone# in hangouts by just switching accounts back and forth.

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Ahhh what an awesome moment #billiepiper   #awesomecondc   #rosetyler  

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Give $1 to 'Protecting the Blue-throated Macaw' and Michael will match it. Support World Land Trust - US together! – One Today by Google

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Remember that the Helix is the one and only true god #twitchplayspokemon  
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