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cecil disharoon
Love to write and think, then draw and play guitar
Love to write and think, then draw and play guitar

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Power Man and Iron Fist: Old School Fresh Tip (Christopher Priest & David Walker)
I just re-read, for the first time in decades, Power Man and Iron Fist #118. When it first came out, this was my first exposure to the book. What was not to love? Solid artwork- with just a problem here and there which would be ironed out by the creative...

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Iron Man #134 and #135 (1980)- Iron Man #14 (2016)
Iron Man #134 and #135 (1980)- Iron Man #14 (2016) My revival of Integr8d Fix and I’d love to restore it to its original pastiche fiction form, but I’m busy with a novel and a series from IDW Publishing, so yay, it accomplished its pupal phase kicked off ...

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Interview with J.M. DeMatteis!
First, the questions you graciously OK’d: 1. I think one of your thematic abilities involves discovering a character that might have been, alternative takes of who they might have been, when corporate trademarks were editorially guided to be written “a cer...

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1st Marvels: J.M. DeMatteis, Eternity, Defenders #92 (1980)
Defenders 92 “Eternity...Humanity...Oblivion!” So, Defenders #92 becomes the first regular superhero series assignment for John Marc DeMatteis, who had taken over Conan The Barbarian for a few issues. J.M. went on to write ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt,’ script the...

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Drawn and Quarterly: Hostage, Poppies In Iraq Free Comic Review
Drawn & Quarterly Presents: Guy Delisle Hostage Sometimes a simple cartoon, when there’s a single character, can convey your story perfectly. How you feel about one desperate person chained to a radiator, held hostage, will equate to how much you’d enjoy ...

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Defenders: One Bad Mother of an Origin
Hope your Mother’s Day is happier than most superheroes. I’m sure you can think up someone with a good relationship with their mom, but in the four color fictional worlds there’s usually missing parents, if not downright antagonism! It’s true of their cin...

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Spill Night Free Comic Book Day Review 5/5
Scott Westerfeld/ Alex Puvilland Spill Night Masterful. I don’t think Free Comic Book Day is meant to display, necessarily, how talented a creative team is at tying up a big story. You want a complete presentation, but ideally, a free comic should leave yo...

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Rick and Morty: Free Comic Book Day!
Free Comic Book Day! Rick & Morty by Oni Press (2 stories) “The wubba lubba dub dub of Wall Street” Zac Gorman, CJ Cannon colors, Ryan Hill Letters, Crank! You DO know the show, don’t you? If not, you get a pretty good introduction to the sarcastic, ins...

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Guardians of the Galaxy: volume two movie and All-New #1 reviews (unspoilered)
Reviews: Guardians vol 2 movie and all-new Guardians of the Galaxy #1 We kicked off our 5/5/17 Guardians experience with the new comic book, All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1. This first chapter was a good value; we just wanted more story because it was f...

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Original Volume Two!
Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2. The original Volume 2! Rocket Raccoon. Gamora. Drax. Star Lord. Mantis. And of course, Groot! None of them were the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Most of them originated in the 1970’s stories published by Marvel ...
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