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Time to read some flash fiction and The Dreaded Rabbits...

Time to get back to the books...

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Gee... This sounds familiar...

Not to go all "mai waifu", but that wasn't Laureline. Valerian showed more charm and negotiation skills than Laureline. And while boy gets the girl at the end is pretty standard, Laureline's already supposed to have Valerian pretty much wrapped around her finger at the start.

That said, I enjoyed the Valerian movie a lot, and I can't wait to see what the PulpRev folk think of it. Especially Jeffro.

These previews are painful. Hollywood is dying...

I've been thinking more about the Secret King myth after reading Larson's Alpha Fleet. In it, an inventor is an occasionally useful, highly temperamental, and vicious minded Secret King...

...and he's treated by the hero like the cur he is. We're not talking misunderstood hero here, but caged villain or snitch on a leash. Reaching back to similar portrayals of Secret Kings in pulp and neo-pulp, such as goons in the Shadow, and the Secret Kings are always found to be low status, never trusted, and most likely to stab someone in the back if it gave even the slightest advantage to the Secret King. Almost always at the petty evil stage, for great evil requires some twisting of great virtue. Repeatedly in fiction, there are warnings from Good Men and Evil Overlords: Don't be a Secret King.

And then in the 1930s and 1940s, science fiction raised the Secret King to hero glorified protagonist status...

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action. "

I've seen two swipes at Disney's Aladdin for identity politics in the last week, including one 30 minute video passed off as a Youtube commercial. Waiting to see if this is coincidence or if someone else chimes in.

Has Disney made noises about abandoning SJW politics lately?

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This amused me more than it should have...

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