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Just so we're clear, I still don't like Google+. It shouldn't take so much effort to set up and post from a company Google+ page. Eegad.
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Hey, this time you don't have to add your friends on facebook whom you don't "really" like. :P
I've heard several people say that, the problem is that everyone is so used to facebook they find the change difficult, I believe since this is a google product it will gain more and more power with time and who knows, it may become more powerful than fb...
I think it is like anything else once you are use to navigating your way around G+ you will find it a valuable and easy to use social network and in bound marketing tool.
Google's product is becoming about this black bar we see at the top.
+Steven Picado I think since everyone's so used to other social networks that work pretty well, Google should have taken more time before rolling this out. Competing with Facebook is harder than competing with MySpace.
Besides facebook, what other social networks work pretty well? MySpace is dying little by little and no others come to mind...
+Steven Picado I think just Facebok is working well. I guess my point is that Facebook was a social network not from an established company and they were competing with MySpace and other crappy networks. But Google+, as a Google product, has the reputation that it will be pretty good... plus, it's competing with Facebook, which works pretty well.
Ok, I get it, basically you're saying google+ has not set the bar as high as it could be, you know, coming from one of the biggest companies in the world. Your point is valid but I still think they are doing a great job, the overall UI is much cleaner than facebook and for me, it just feels nicer overall.
I'm not a big fan yet either, but I think we need to do it.
They send you this stuff through GMail now?! 
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