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:::)))))           wht a lovely graph ............^.^
no they just know how to be sad and change the men's mood so he admit that he's wrong even if he is not
edit: this is just my opinion don't trust me i'm just 14 yo 
My biased point of view: men argue with logic and try to understand with logic, girls do not. The amount of confusion and facepalm it creates demotivates us men and we just give up. 
Easier said than done, unfortunately :(
slim to none we rule men just don't accept, that
To be honest, it's not whether it's being man or woman, whoever's right should just win the argument. Sadly this is not the case
does this chart imply a 6 year engagement???
He Li
engagement period is the best, why do people have to ruin it by marrying...
J'aime beaucoup, c'est tres drole  et peut-etre avec un petit fond de vérité !!!!!!!!( a la blague)
Taty Ta
This diagram shows the unsatisfied woman in marriage
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