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No doubt, and that applies on all female creatures
LoooooL!!!!! I agree but I guess not an Ironman with everyone! :)))
Thank you, I had misunderstanding.Ha Ha. So now I also can let know I am Free (ly available) Male.
Just call me *Toni Stark! XD

* Toni with an 'i' is typically a girl's name. ;)
sounds nice but how bout IRONMAIDEN oh yeah
Fau Sta
really? i didnt even smile
Lmao.. I see what you did there (._.) I like trains.
omg my friend showed me this in class a while back and now here it is
this is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I guess all chics r ironman then.
i really don't know why i remembered JUSTIN Bieber after reading ::LOL::
i totally agree with this!
besides girls take more of a pounding any way! freaking PMS!
Makes so much since I think its hillarious!!!!
hah next time sombody says you are weak because you'r a girl ill be laughing inside if ondly the knew
FINALLY! a guy who understands >.< lol
+Kiera Bradley as i was removing my hand off over mouth, it just reminded me i needed to brush and mouth-wash. Thank You.

"1 cover your mouth with your hand
2 whisper a wish into your hand
post this on three other comments
4 look at your hand".
i am iron man? dang im killing it!!!
LoL nice one! .. The only thing is, women don't need to be any kinda man. They are equal, and even much more than that by themselves.

Hey that does'nt mean we men are not as good :P .. Its just that, both have uniqueness that complete each other!
Lets send it to all women, we want to make them smile. Lets pretend its true.
omg i lave that so much, to cute
Fem=feminine, ale=beer, you are..... Budweiser?
fem =femininie ale =beer you are ....budweiser '''''''''. tom ... yes
Hilarious. What does the WOMEN make ;)
Ironman is a comicbook hero. Iron woman is a command.
that is awesome a knew thing to say to the guys! lol
"Male" does not mean "Man" in english. For example, a boy is a male but not yet a man.
Ironwoman pretty cool idea there. shed be one tough cookie. probably a super..supermodel humanitarian genius
Leo Sam
then i like beautiful ironman.
I don't want to be iron man... :(
lol :D
But what do you do with your heavy boots of lead?
First and far most... 90% of the men don't go by their word and we'r the ones that mainly get hurt...
that's a really good one, only I really don't like to iron very much, so could I just give you the ironing work and I'll be the woman???? giggle, giggle
aimee C
Keep it up ladies:)..
yah it is funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
ya...i agree with the gil above....but thts cute...i guess
i want to be iron man
im not female
WOW really! Imma tell a science nerd this
So Ur A Female/male or ironman or a plane IT o.o
i think Fe stand for metal in the periodic table :P
ron metal is a silvery, lustrous metal which has important magnetic properties. (Mostly recognized for removing coin from a husband.)
oh my goodness would you stop hannah!?!? you do this waste of time thingy.......................... not 2 be mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Wow me being a man don't want no iron man that was just too icky for me
omg! YOUR IRONMAN?!??!?!?!?
People just don't get that women are not weak!! :)
Fe is the atomic thing stading for Iron

Fe+Male = FeMale

Iron(Fe)+Man(Male)= Ironman
Aaron A
So without MAN nothing can be done . . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i completely agree
great thought. . .what a formula to be a Male. . .be a Female. . .
Very true.Logical sense.also very funny
So what you're saying is... women are men
I mean, she's cool saying she irons, but her English isn''t so good.
She means she's ironing, man.
If Female = Iron man. Permit me to be a magnet :)
If Female = Iron man. Permit me to be a magnet :)
Male + Female = IronManMan = Procreation (Marriage)
Male + Male = ManMan
Therefore they are not and can not be the same or Equal the same thing
yeee bishtar .... its good think ...
any fuck damn shit, happen for you BE PATINT
I AM IRONMAN. I stick my hand out, but nothing happens Oh, darn... But I AM STILL IRONMAN.
that's some hot sh*t. It just coincides with the book Man Down. I think some people should pick that book up and let it soak in. Good stuff
SR Raju
funny... did you see the movie???
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