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The first question is grammatically incorrect. I wonder if the examiners were marked down?
Had the questions been asked differently and in much detailed that student would not have been able to answer them at it is the teachers fault for not asking it properly...the student gets an
Napoleon didn't die in any battle, not even in his last one. He died in exile on Saint Helena island. Other than that, spot on!
hey, he/she answered honestly, right?!
Our math teacher said :"if I ask you fill in the blanket with correct answer and writ sqr(sin(cos(log....(x)...))=...... you can just write :'sqr(sin(cos(log....(x)...))'",
he never asked that. :(
+Gabriel Barliga It was his Last Battle on isl.Saint Halena...battle with Poison. They say it was mercury...
I attended a job interview last week. Among the other things, there was an English language and grammar test. One of the questions was: Fill in the correct form
How________are you?
a) high
b) long
c) wide
d) heavy
I filled a) and the examiner, having got it laughed and admitted to have set up the ambiguous questions :)
another point of view.......congratulations!!!!!
yes n briliant answers for dat matter, just kiddin but hey dat is bein clever
no one missed any....whatta great teacher! :p
A+ for the student. (Smart answers)
wt's wrong in it..................
who care................
Ya the first one he didn't die in a battle duuuub yDucjxjxh
That student is awesome... and fully worthy of an A
100% :) correct. That would be something that I would do if I didnt no an answer
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