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Betsy M
by friday I would be broke!
Yue Ma
It'd make me bankrupted...
How is this the solution? I would press dismiss and keep on sleeping till 11. It would only make me oversleep even more...
Pfft. Apple WOULD put that on their new iPhone...
id wanna start saving now if im gonna keep hitting snooze like i regularly do :D
Or you could hit dismiss and keep right on sleeping.
That would be the cheaper solution :)
I just hit dismiss and go back to sleep XD
i i would get a whole new fone or jzt buy a alarm clock
who the hell would want that shitty cell where you have to pay to make it snooze
It would need to be more than $.99 to work for me.
Just looking at this makes me want to go back to sleep
I would push any button my finger touches first.
Technically, I would pay a dollar to get some extra sleep :3
umm... that doesnt solve it? if they dismiss it they can still go back to sleep. ?
jzt dimiss it i got otha things to spend my money on like some booty shorts
now that will make someone think twice before snoozing or dismissing the alarm
do you have some problems against the alarm Mr.Robson
i'd be broke and bankrupt and in debt.
I will buy this app for my son and 99 cents goes from his pocket money
thats a great trick to wake your son up Ashutosh Jain, kids really do care about their pocket money
what is to be done?
hi there, hi here whats going on?
That would wake me up the first time:)
brilliant. but what i wake up to is the 'bed intruder song'. don't knock it till you rock it!
the plane revolves over the airfield
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hay...what are your doing.....
This is supposed to be a GIF. The buttons switch positions every second.
hey...what are you doing with that?
No, because then you'd just "dismiss", and try to nap another 10 minutes, and often failing...
hahahahaha Then I would never Wake up I would just press dismiss and fall back to sleep
true :).. There should be a charge for dismiss also or probably takeout the option...
When can I get that put on my wife's phone :)
no alarm clocks job is to wake u up so pull me out of bed then get me dresses then wake me up
i would just get up and go to anuther room and go to sleep
Damn, people trying to make us PAY for sleep now, what has this world come to? -__-
Brilliant! Although I'd pay 0.99 for that extra 10 mins some mornings ;)
Couldn't have this phone, I'd be broke, just another bill to pay!
one fail with this.... folks would hit dismiss and just sleep the day away.. with snooze... at least the alarm keeps bugging people till they get up...
k, fine..... Go on n invent such a device..... i bet if it would be able to wake me up in the morning......!!!! :P B)
Wouldn't stop me, I'll dismiss it, but would have a back up alarm in case that happened
lol they should sell that at the app store
The amount of times I hit the snooze button would make me bankrupt
I'd just tap 'Dismiss' and go back to sleep. lol. That would save me $0.99 and I won't be disturbed again. Win-win.
It don't matter if I hit Dismiss i would not get up
you should make the dismiss button jump around and move so its difficult to hit it and the background $0.99 Snooze so you have to actually concentrate to dismiss :)
that aint sad for the maker of the app :)
We could use this too. Reminds me of Gympact, which helps you actually commit to exercising by penalizing you if you don't.
Dismiss, then go back to sleep.That would make things much worse.
but i think what would most likely happen is that people would select dismiss and fall back asleep anyway, thereby making it an epic fail.
Because moving the alarm clock ACROSS the room hasn't worked for the past 100 years?
I'm already "paying" if I use my phone as my alarm clock...
hahahahahah! i want it!
A better alarm is one that can't be turned off unless you leave the house, otherwise it would just keep ringing at 15m intervals until you do.
Go fast get it but dont try this at home
I hope it cannot backdate charges, or I'm in for a massive bill next month.
i think that that is kind of stupid
Sad part is, I can see this happening and people going into debt just so they can sleep a little longer!
+abinaya kalpathi but then you're late to whatever it was the alarm was meant to wake you for. I bet you'd only do that once before you learned your lesson.

This is such a great idea for an app, I wonder if someone already has it in development.
i will get broke or not a good ideea
then i would just turn off the alarm and go to sleep... lol
oh god, now I have to pay $1,98 today :(

Algemene beoordeling
now i sleep too long cause i hit dismiss then fall back asleep with no second alarm :P
hello darling how i am ali.......i missu too
Am I the only one who would click dismiss and then go back to sleep
i would throw the phone in till it would stop working thann buy a new one
i would be broke so fast, it's not even funny!
This should be an app, add me by the way! :)
i would go broke! rofl! :)
LOL i'd just hit dismiss and go back to sleep XD
how can this be smart if u dont pay to shut it down -.-'
U should make it difficult, otherwise one has to pay..
Ha!!!! ♥ it!
This would definitely work for my daughter. She would NEVER pay for "snoozing".
I could definitely do with this!
this is so dumb if i hit snooze i would be in poverty rite now if dat was my fone
Omg that's sooo pretty I wish I lived there cuz I live 2 swim n it's sooo beautiful
good one! if only that were real.....
Would be a great way for the maker to make lots and lots and lots of money
Uy Tran
dismiss for free then go back to sleep... that way its free nonsolution to oversleeping
This is the future,@^#$ you apple app store, making us pay for an alarm clock, news flash, it comes built in to the *&@$^&$! ipod!
Perfect! I'm so gonna be rich if I make this kind of app..
its true though well bad news aint nobody gonna get dat app if so charge .99 gor it 2
ok a dirty girl cousin of mine needs mine to break my game
I think I'd have to pay around 0.99*5(or 6)!
Who would the snooze money go to?
id be broke if i had that alarm
They could just dismiss it and then go back to sleepp?? Tis what i would do.
Why didn't you credit +Manu Cornet with a tag, +SMILE ☼ ? He posts on Google+ regularly and has posted this comic before.
Thanks +Melina M for the attribution :-) +SMILE ☼ did credit me and link to my website in the post, which is great, and actually more than what many people do :)
That will cause me $2 everyday...
+Manu Cornet I did notice and appreciate that, but wanted to make sure someone brought this post to your attention, at least. Besides, a tag would have been useful for people who are unfamiliar with your work to check out your other posts and put you in their circles. :)
+Melina M fair enough, and very much appreciated from my side :-) Thank you! +SMILE ☼ never too late to tag me in your post if you care!
Then I wouldn't even set the alarm or, if it did, I would just spam the dismiss.
so nice eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
the pressing SNOOZE is a fool ..... becoz i will press Dismiss and keep on sleeping without any stress... HAHAHA...... :D
My mom totally needs this!
Very good
I jailbroke my ipod, i would just use my in app puchase cracker
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