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I jumped back into role-playing with gusto in late 1985, armed with Champions 3rd edition and a handful of enthusiastic friends. Before too long I was meeting lots of others playing the game, in person and through The Clobberin’ Times, and I got a good…

#rereading renewing the mental map

Stan Lee, Dunn's Conundrum
Joanna Russ, And Chaos Died
James M. Cain, Serenade
Barry N. Malzberg, Beyond Apollo
J. Michael Reaves, I -- Alien

Different guy also named Stan Lee by the way

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I have no trouble citing the single most profound detail of 1974-1977 Dungeons & Dragons:

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Do what we can.
Developer in Trouble
So hey... It's been a bad year. I got badly screwed by a deadbeat client in June, which left me flailing. Yesterday I received a 5-day notice to pay rent or move out, but I can't afford to do either of those things right now. I've found no new web clients aside from tiny jobs in the last month. The independent webdev industry is dying, replaced by $99 templates and automated bootstrap sites. I'm barely able to keep my utilities on, and my bank account is negative. The prospect of ending up living in a van with my wife and child, all my possessions gone, has never been more real. We have some money coming in within 60-90 days (my wife's father's estate is now in probate), but timing is everything, and my property management company has no reason to be human about this.

Right now, frankly, I'm terrified and struggling to remain rational.

If I've ever written anything you enjoyed, I would be very thankful if you decided to drop some money in my tip jar at - that would be so helpful.

But what I'd like even more is to be of value to you. I want to work, I want to continue working, I want to earn my keep. So with that said, here are some of the things I offer:

- Games My RPGs and game supplements are all available at and Game design is my passion, if not my full-time profession. I would love for it to be my sole means of income, but I haven't reached that point yet. Your game purchases help me move closer to that goal. You can check out my stuff at or

- Writing and Editing I've written and edited fiction and nonfiction, game rules and supplements, magazine articles, technical docs, user manuals, and books on web development. I was Senior Editor of a nationally-distributed magazine called "PIX-Elation" in the 90s, and am currently curating and editing the #UbiquiCity project; a science fiction anthology and GM's sourcebook. Need a writer? Need an editor? Contact me and we'll discuss your project.

- Small Business Websites My lightweight CMS "Axis" is a simple website solution for small businesses and independent content creators. Axis runs on any Linux host (even those cheap shared hosting accounts), and I can set you up with a custom website within 48 hours. Prices range from $450-$1500, depending on the functionality you require. More info at

- Big Business Websites I'm a dedicated Drupalista, veteran PHP coder, and CSS ninja. For the last 21 years I've made most of my money building business presence sites, multi-author blogs, online communities, topical directories, e-commerce sites and portals. I offer everything from bugfixes and fancy script effects to full site designs and information architecture. My complete web dev portfolio can be found here:

I hate having to write something like this. My work ethic is strong and I don't like to beg. I've never had to do this before, but 2017 has hit me hard and left me with no other option. If you're still reading, I thank you for making it this far. If you want to share this post, please do so. Anything you can do will be sincerely appreciated, and put to vital use. Here's hoping for a better future, for all of us.


I'll be at GenCon. I'm scheduled to be on the Creative Millenium panel at 2 PM on Sunday.

I'm also running two events. Friday 1PM is a Sorcerer session called "Praying is Too Slow," intended for people who've barely or never heard of the game, although anyone is welcome.

Saturday 1 PM is an RPG Design Lab session, aimed at people who have a never-finished draft riding around in their backpacks. I'm pretty good at doing this.

Otherwise, I'm happy to meet anyone who's interested in gaming or talking about gaming, preferably informally - a lunch, a chat at undesignated-for-activity chairs, impromptu play of anything anyone feels like. If you do that podcasty interviewy thing, I'm available for that too.

If you want to set up something beforehand, email me at If it just occurs to you at the con and you want to get in touch, either email or use G+.

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I said I’d be getting to actual comics during all this role-playing talk, didn’t I? Here we go.

Long-term book ownership and #rereading is like living next to Heraclitus' river, dipping in and out as a way of life.

Wilkie Collins, No Name
John Gardner, The Wreckage of Agathon
Richard Purtill, The Parallel Man
Naomi Mitchison, Memoirs of a Spacewoman
Marghanita Laski, The Victorian Chaise Longue

#RPGaDay How do you find out about new RPGs?

I sorta wait, and the news arrives. Sometimes way behind everyone else and sometimes way ahead. Among Adept Consulting, the DJA committee, the Forge follow up, and then the social media feeds ... and people saying, check this out. I don't feel the reviewer or pundit need to be ahead or on top or insider informed, so oddly, sometimes it turns out I am.

#RPGaDay What RPG do you want to see published?

H'm. +Jared Sorensen's next game, whichever one he does.

#RPGaDay What published RPG do you wish you were playing?

Marvel Super Heroes, original version, 1984.
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