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Jeff & Christine Stanfield
Finding joy in connecting people to Jesus!
Finding joy in connecting people to Jesus!

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Broken and Thrilled
My heart is broken. My soul is thrilled. My heart rejoices.
My soul feels crushed. All of this happens every Tuesday afternoon as I gather
with other volunteers and women in this community. While women come I assess
blood pressures, answer questions mamas a...

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A dream come true
Last week I renewed my nursing license. We drove across the
city to the office of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council. On the way I reminisced
through my childhood dream, my dream of being a nurse one day. I wanted to
help people. Oregon License June of ...

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Too Much!
Recently, I was in a long line of people, all of us waiting
our turn. I watched people, some seeming to carry heavy burdens by the way they
moved and interacted with others. Snatches of conversations overheard were
filled with unkind words. I thought of man...

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Remembering, with Gratitude in My Heart
  Today I cut up a mango. Three of them, actually. And as I
did so, I remembered this conversation. “You live in Africa. Please, tell me the perfect way to cut
a mango.” (Said with a friendly smile.) “Well, I don’t know if there is a perfect way. I just cut...

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We are in a season of flurries. Flurries of activity are
frequent, almost constant some days. This season is marked by lots of people
coming and going; travel, trips to the airport, arrangements to be made, and
lots of, “hurry-up—let’s-go!” We have the priv...

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Reflecting in Gratitude
August 10, 2015, a date etched in my mind. The day of my
open heart surgery for aortic valve replacement and repair/replacement of the
ascending aortic aneurysm. The first day on my road to recovery from a failing
valve and growing aneurysm. I can’t believe...

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Building an Altar
This was a weekend of milestones. We are carefully
considering each one, using the stones to build a mental altar of worship to
God as we see how far the Lord has brought us. Throughout the Old Testament we read of stones gathered and altars erected to comm...

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Every night we note in our “Journal of Gratitude” what we are thankful for that day. Among the most frequently mentioned are . . . .

Find out in our latest update by clicking by clicking below.

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We've been back in Uganda now for almost four months.  Jeff is feeling well and we are doing fine. We see God's transformational work in people's lives. Hebrews 4:12 says, "For the word of God is living and active...." (NASB).  Read about how  God's Word is living and active here in Uganda in our current prayer letter by clicking below. 
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