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Yankees Legend Reggie Jackson Benched In The Bronx

Reggie Jackson has officially been benched.
Well, sort of.

Jackson, a long time adviser for the +New York Yankees  hasn't played a game for the Bombers since 1981. Nevertheless, he was recently told to stay clear of the team.

Recently, Mr. October was a little too honest when he stated that Alex Rodriguez doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame because of his positive tests for PED's. He went on to say that if players such as A-Rod were inducted, it would cause players to think that their are no repercussions for steroid use. He also said that if a player like A-Rod was inducted that no current Hall of Famers would attend the induction ceremony.

Obviously Jackson has the fame and credentials to voice his opinion, but the fact remains that the Yankees want as many Hall of Famers as possible (especially those still playing for the franchise). With former Yankees such as Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Alex Rodriguez all being debatable Hall of Famer's due to their positive tests but impressive careers, this kind of comment by Jackson can definitely hurt their chances.
For now, Mr. October may not be around in

October when the Yankees will be fighting for their 28th World Series. Reports have said that the Yankees do not feel this is the right time for Jackson to be around the organization. At some point, Jackson will be back and hopefully this incident is all forgotten. Reggie has already taken the right steps in order to repair this problem. He has contacted A-Rod as well as Joe Girardi and others and apologized.

But at the end of the day the man voiced his opinion when asked and is now suffering the consequences...

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