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No need to be fearful to be Christian
Fiona Bruce MP arose in #PMQs today saying that Christians were 'fearful' of mentioning their religion or talking about Christmas in  public in these tumultuous days in case they receive a backlash. I hope she was comforted by Theresa May's words who, being...

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When will the real Donald Trump stand up?
First the good news. Donald Trump the president will be
nothing like Donald Trump the candidate. The nature of the job means he will be
have to be more conciliatory and willing to compromise. He will be surrounded
by officials, advisers, ambassadors, secret...

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Farage loves a vacuum
It really shouldn’t be any surprise that we are in such
uncertain territory over Brexit. It’s a pretty big issue after all. But, the
longer the two majority parties vacillate over their positions, the bigger the
vacuum being created for those who know exact...

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Is there a right way to make a Bolognese?
There are few more satisfying ways to while away a few hours than pottering in the kitchen, attending to a gently gurgling pot of ragu, glass of wine in hand, with the radio muttering away in the background. But, it seems that we in Britain have been doing ...

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Theresa May; the red and purple Tory
Has a prime minister ever had such an opportunity to seize and control the political narrative as Theresa May does currently? Sure, Margaret Thatcher dominated the political weather of her era but she came pre-loaded with a free market ideology which she ap...

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I don't want to be a 'Soberhero'
Mines a Daiquiri It seems that barely a month goes by these days without it
being hijacked by a charity eager to encourage us all to stop drinking. Once upon a time, January was the month when people–
normally of their own volition and not for charity – wou...

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Perhaps CCTV isn't that useful after all
A curious tale of cost-cutting has emerged in the last few
days as it seems Westminster City Council is planning to scrap its network of more
than 100 CCTV cameras in the West End of London on the basis that it can no
longer afford their upkeep due to gover...

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A matter of timing
In just over three weeks’ time voters will be going to
polling stations to cast their vote in the EU referendum. The polls are
increasingly close, the Conservative Party is, predictably, tearing itself
apart on the issue, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are ...

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Sadiq Khan the 'radical'
What was never clear about Zac Goldsmith’s campaign is when
the dodgy fellows with whom Sadiq Khan was supposedly allied would emerge and
wield their influence over the new mayor. Sadiq Khan has been in position for just over a week so it’s
probably too ear...

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So who would win if the London mayoral candidates played Monopoly?
There are many ways a voter may decide how to judge the
various London mayoral candidates. Some might think a candidate’s housing
policy the key issue, for others maybe it’s transport. But what about whether
they can play the ultimate London board game, Mon...
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