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Deep!! I wonder to. Will we hangon??
Of Fire Ants And Humans

I watched a program on TV the other day that spoke of fie ants, they live underground in areas that are prone to flooding, they have learnt to survive at these times by holding on to each other and creating a living raft that can survive for months floating on the water.

I wondered if put in the same situation would we as a species be capable of doing the same thing or would our need for self preservation take over. After spending a day watching people go about every day life in a large city I think each one would try and swim to safety leaving others to fend for themselves.

I took this photograph a few months ago and posted it here, I saw him again the other day, walking down the road, same cloths on, walking stick in hand and trying to open a pack of cigarettes. I recalled how I felt when I did not return to speak with Alan in Manchester and knew I had to simply speak with this gentleman again.

I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned and I think he recognised me as the man who bought him the hotdog and smiled, he still struggled to talk but from what I could make out he was doing good, he had trouble with his leg but for some strange reason he had good shoes on but no socks. I asked him why, he does not like socks, the tip of his nose and his cheeks still had the remains of his last meal there but he was smiling a lot more. He offered me a cigerette but being a non smoker I said no thank you.

Did I get his photograph? No, I didnt even ask for it. Why? Because for just a few moments in a flood we were simply fire ants holding on to stop each other from drowning. I have a new friend.
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