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My brain does this too, which is unfortunate given the field I work in. #Magnetohydrodynamics 

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After reading a bit more on the subject, I'm feeling a little less self-righteous on the matter. #englishisamess

Very disappointed in the standard of refereeing that allowed such dangerous thuggery in tonight's #StateofOrigin

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Yet another reason to fast track #fusion #energy -- the waste product is helium.

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Approaching the Memorial Day weekend in the US and this article is a reminder of the fiscal reality of war.

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The #H1Heliac -- the machine I did my thesis work on -- is moving on. Many hours -- some great, some fun, and some frustrating -- spent working with it and the excellent people who were a part of the whole #fusion shebang.

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Great video of a lot of work. So satisfying when they run and you get to drive them though :)

Just responded to a friend's social media post of a video with the headline 'Gun Free Zones Don't Work' and subtitled as the 'best argument against gun-free zones'. The video depicts a man running around, plenty of 'no guns' signs, and lady with a gun.

My response: "I believe they do. I was a bit disappointed in the video as I was waiting for data to prove their point instead of a hand-waving argument. I really hope that isn't their 'best argument against gun-free zones'. Anyway, I can only speak to places I have lived and have an inkling of their gun densities and laws. Compared per capita to the US, Australia has 5x fewer guns and 20x fewer firearm homicides. Again per capita, in Germany they have 3.7x fewer guns than the US but 50x lower firearm homicide rate.

To one of the points of the video though -- that you are safer if you carry a gun and the hashtag that guns save lives -- the total homicide rate in Australia and Germany are about 4x lower than in the US. So based on those data, I'm going to suggest that having fewer guns in a society results in fewer murders, close to 1:1 tracking for per capita firearm numbers to all murders. Anyway, sorry to weigh in on a topic near and dear to so many people. I try not to do it too often."

Maybe they just don't work in the US?

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Nicely done by my former department!

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So grateful to have the principles taught by the #PrinceofPeace in my life. Particularly reflecting on them this #Easter weekend.
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