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Review of "City of Dreams"
This book was a fascinating look into the politics and the obstacles that Walter O'Malley faced when he moved the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles. It contained a lot of information that I was not aware of and it got more and more interesting as the saga of ...

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Review of "Seinsoth"
If you have ever picked up a book that seemed mildly interesting to you, but you tried it because of a request or recommendation then were blown away because it was so good, then you know the feeling I had after I finished this book. The author sent me a re...

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Review of "26 In a Row"
Reading this book was a lesson - not only about this team about which I had previously known nothing, but also a little bit about the times during which this winning streak took place.  Here is my review of "26 In a Row." Title/Author: “26 In a Row: The 191...

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Lance Smith commented on a post on Blogger.
Welcome back!  Hope to see some posts from you soon.  I've still been plugging you said, a crazy book lover!

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Review of "The Perfect Pass"
The last book I read on our recent vacation was appropriate for the time, as I started it on Super Bowl Sunday and finished it on the train ride home, two days after watching one of the most exciting football games, let alone Super Bowls, I have ever seen. ...

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Review of "Once There Were Giants"
For boxing fans who long for the days back when the heavyweight champion of boxing was a title that held a lot of esteem and one could see the bouts between these titans on regular TV, then this is the book for you.  Jerry Izenberg has put together a terrif...

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Review of "Macho Row"
If one presses me to state my favorite type of sports book to read, I would have to say it would be a book about a particular team during a particular season or time frame, such as a decade.  This book is one of those types of books, as it is about one of t...

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Review of "The Curse"
While I cannot consider myself a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers, when I saw this book was available via Kindle Unlimited, I couldn't resist.  Given the colorful history of mostly losing seasons and their eccentric former owner Donald Sterling, I had to giv...

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Review of "Dust Bowl Girls"
After a 10 day cruise in which I was able to spend a lot of time on the ship reading books, there will be many upcoming reviews.  The first book completed was about a team of young women from a small Oklahoma school who provided some much-needed inspiration...

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Review of "The Ageless Warrior"
Having heard many stories about Archie Moore from my grandfather, I was interested to learn more about this boxer who holds the record for most career knockouts.  This book was a very good source in order to do so.  So, for my last review before taking a br...
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