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The programme for the Easter Camping Festival is posted.

Win FREE camping!

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Come and join us for this fun Xmas event. Bling your bike and ride!

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The latest Outdoors@hay newsletter is out! We are now taking bookings for accommodation at the Hay festival 2013

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All sounds cool, but the 'buck of responsibility' has to to stop somewhere.

So the school can just take your kid away without your permission?
That's kidnapping isn't it!
Another reason New Zealand is awesome

My 11-year-old son just got back from a 3-day school camping trip.  No waivers, no permission slips, no way for the parents to contact the campsite, no cell phones, no nothing... Just hiked 5 hours off into the wild to camp.  Here's what he did:

- Archery
- Set up his own tent
- Shot guns
- Bungee
- River rafting
- Cooking
- Rope Course Survival (crossing rivers while hanging off ropes)

Anyway, New Zealand is very outdoorsy... and everyone does not seem to be suing everybody for every little thing...  no one talks about lawyers and nonsense -- it's so wonderful...  Every Thursday, Ethan takes his snowboard to school...  anything goes around here... a very active, social, and outdoor-related community!

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Get out and enjoy the beauty of winter! Our Activie Winter Break deal is now open for only £99 its a bargain!

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If you are stuck for something to do this August Bank Holiday, then check out our Outdoor Festival page where you will find the link to the program of activities!

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Just a selection of pics from our Wild Child Parties
Wild Parties (6 photos)
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Give your child a party of a lifetime!

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We have had a run of bookings for our Easter Outdoors@hay Festival, don't leave it too late! Check out our Easter Festival programme here

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Just a few pics to show our work environment!
Brecon Beacons (4 photos)
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