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KFS Forensic Document Examiner appears on BBC Radio 4 with Stephen Fry

Earlier this month Kate Barr, KFS Forensic Document Examiner, appeared on BBC Radio 4 on Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry discussing ‘What does your handwriting say about you?’.

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KFS provides DNA paternity match in Saddleworth Moor mystery man identification

KFS has supported Greater Manchester Police in their investigation into the discovery of an unidentified man found on Saddleworth Moor. Our team was able to obtain DNA profiles and using our paternity testing service were able to identify the man as David Lytton.

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Case File – KFS provide assistance in the investigation of The Spalding Murders

KFS’s leading scientist from our Norwich lab played a crucial role in the investigation of The Spalding Murders where a mother and daughter were stabbed to death in their own home by two 14-year-old children.

Our lead scientist worked alongside the pathologist and CSI to examine the scene and gather crucial evidence from clothing and the weapon that was involved.

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Ferrari thief jailed as a result of the latest DNA technique

A thief who offered to ‘find’ a stolen £400,000 Ferrari in the hope of getting a shorter sentence was jailed for nine years, after the police found the car without his help.
Through the use of STRmix it was possible to statistically evaluate this result turning an intelligence identification to a statistic for evidential purposes, the strength of which lead to a guilty plea from McNulty.

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Leicester Tourist Attraction announced to celebrate the work of Sir Alec Jeffreys’ discovery of DNA

This week has seen the announcement of a new tourist attraction in Leicester which will celebrate the pioneering work of Sir Alec Jeffreys at the University of Leicester. The attraction with educate people on the impact of DNA in solving and preventing crime.

The Pitchfork Murders was the first conviction based on DNA evidence and will feature at the Leicester DNA Centre.
We look forward to following the development of this exciting project in helping people to understand DNA and forensic science

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With #Christmas holiday season fast approaching, it is important to not #DrinkDrive and know the legal limit.
If you are charged for #DrinkDriving or #DrugDriving , did you know that you are legally obliged to have your sample independently analysed?

Our #Toxicology experts are able to analyse samples to discover the presence and concentrations of #alcohol and #drugs in order to aid your case if it reaches court.

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Combination of evidence types used to bring about conviction of murderer.

During the investigation of India Chipchase’s murder we supported Northamptonshire Police in reconstructing and examining evidence which resulted in Edward Tenniswood receiving a life sentence.

After the suspect had denied any involvement in the incident, Northamptonshire Police tasked us with helping them gather and examine DNA evidence. We found matches to the suspects DNA on a number of evidence types providing Northamptonshire Police with conclusive evidence to aid their investigation.

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KFS play crucial role in Sadie Hartley #murder investigation

Our expert forensic scientists provided crucial #DNA evidence during the Sadie Hartley murder investigation by Lancashire Police which has been widely covered in the national media.

Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh have been convicted of the brutal murder of Sadie Hartley in her home in Helmshore, Lancashire earlier this year.

Williams attacked Ms Hartley with a stun gun before stabbing her several times in a bid to win back ex-lover Ian Johnston.

KFS were able to match the DNA of Sadie Hartley to blood found in Williams’ bath and in the vehicle used on the night of incident.

The DNA evidence provided to the Preston Crown court played a crucial role in securing life sentences for both Williams and Walsh.

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KFS #Forensic   Handwriting Experts provide vital evidence in the conviction of Michael Killick.
Killick has been sentence to 14 months in prison for perverting the course of justice after accusing his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Watts, of leaving threatening letters on his car. KFS Forensic Handwriting Experts were able to prove that Watts had not written the letters and there was a strong suspicion that Killick had written and placed the letters which he finally admitted.
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