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Husband and 5-peat Father
Husband and 5-peat Father

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Do you have a passion but don't feel like you have the necessary underlying skill set to excel in it? Or, Do you have a skill set that you hope to leverage into a career without spending much more time developing those skills?? You may be wrong in both ways of thinking.

Listen to this encouraging podcast on purposeful practice and the possibilities it brings to even the most unskilled of us (and, explains why the most skilled often stagnate and don't succeed).

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Frustrated with our likely 2016 presidential candidate options: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?? But, don't want to throw your vote away on an independent or third party?

Take a look at this and let us know if you would crowdsource your vote with us...

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Need some motivation? ... Your welcome. Listening to the song who it by Devo, I realized... I have no idea what these lyrics mean but they sure feel motivational. Inspired by Shia LaBeouf's make your dreams come true.

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Looking for a good to-do list, collaboration tool or just a better way to stay organized?  I'm finding Trello very good for this....

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Colorado legalized medicinal marijuana by constitutional amendment in 2000. The state was so ravaged by teen drug use, drug related crime, auto fatalities, and general cultural decline during the 12 years following this that the citizens rose up and voted to expand legalization to all uses, including recreational. Oh, wait. No, that's not right, Colorado is a mess. Right?

[Disclaimer: I am not supporting recreational legalization and it might be a mess now for all I know. It is just instructive to note that (a) medical legalization was not a veil for rec use (it came 12 years later) and (b) voters there clearly did not see the dire consequences being predicted in Florida - even over a long period of time.]
#medicalcannabis   #voteyeson2   #floridamarijuana  

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Who would have thought such a gloomy morning could yield something this spectacular 
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While we debate, those that want to abuse the herb do so easily. And, those who need the herb desperately enough can do the same just as easily... They just become criminals. Here, two brave individuals talk about their illegal, medical use of marijuana openly.

An except from a MS patient: "Alcorn keeps a diary of symptoms and can tick off those that have disappeared since she began smoking pot in earnest:

Headaches, bone itch, numb hands and feet, tremors, inability to stand or walk more than 10 minutes at a time, nerve pain, problems swallowing, problems speaking and a stiff right arm.

Alcorn does not view marijuana as a miracle cure. Some symptoms still remain, such as balance problems, digestive dysfunction, fatigue" (people should know this too... An honest discussion is all I want)

I believe Mrs Alcorn should be able to accomplish this without going to a street dealer. And, frankly, I love that amendment 2 doesn't force Florida to wait until drug companies figure out how to get FDA approval to make millions selling a God given herb as a patented miracle drug NOT called "cannabis".

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There deserves to be something said about this
Beautiful bonsai :))

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August 8, decision, put them to bed, or take a few more minutes to indulge a spontaneous crazy face request... good choice, right?
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