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Three common problems in the liberated territories in Syria
Despite the importance of liberalization of territories by
the revolutionary forces and capturing it from Syrian Government forces and militia,
it became clear that this stage do not represent all the revolutionary work, because
it must include administrati...

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Islamic State
Islamic State
(IS) which was formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) or
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) but most common name used by people and
media is ISIS. It is an jihadi Islamic state in the middle east which is
unrecognized by...

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Iran’s Nuclear Deal: Celebrations and Concerns
After 18 days of marathon talks in the Austrian capital Vienna,
Iran has reached a deal with P5+1 superpower nations - China, France, Russia,
the UK, USA and Germany on its nuclear program which is labelled worldwide as
a historic deal after 12-year stand-o...

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Why is Operation Southern Storm failing?
On 25 June, Syrian Revolutionaries of the FSA’s Southern
Front and Jihadists from Army of the Conquest – Southern Sector including other
Syrian Islamist groups launched an Operation to capture the city of Daraa and surrounding
towns from Syrian government f...

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Shiite militias in Syria
It is known that the Syrian Armed Forces or Assad’s Army
has lost its military capabilities in the last two years and most of the
military bases and Airports have been captured by Syrian rebel forces, many of
their tanks, armoured vehicles and aircraft are ...

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Jaysh al-Sanaded
Jaysh al-Sanaded [Arabic: Army of the Stronger] is a local
tribal militia that was formed in 2013 and it is mainly present in the North West
of Syria or in Jazira Canton which is part of Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan], the
militia consists of Sunni Arabs from th...

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