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Michael Luckado
Do it right and save money with secrets from a builder.
Do it right and save money with secrets from a builder.

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Video: Are You an Owner Builder Candidate?
We d share with you some of the situations that make people good owner builder candidates.  If [...]

Install Countertops
How to Build a Home, Step 46 When building a new home, we install countertops just after painting the interior trim.  Countertops can make such a huge difference in the look and functionality of your new dream home.  Here we talk about planning for your new tops, the schedule for installation, and quality requirements [...]

Interior Trim Molding Paint
How to Build a Home, Step 45 The interior trim molding paint activity starts after the carpenter finishes installing all cabinets and trim.  In order to create a high quality, professional finish, there are some key steps to take prior to painting.  This is step 45 in our blog series on How to Build [...]

Install Trim and Cabinets
How to Build a Home, Step 44 We install trim and cabinets in your new home after the bath tile, hardwood and vinyl floors have been installed.  This allows the trim carpenter to set vanities up tight to tiled areas and install base and shoe molding.  Here we share with you some builder tips [...]

Manufactured Floor Joists and Fire Protection
If you are thinking about building a new home or addition, you will probably take a look at manufactured floor joists as an alternative for structural support.  Manufactured floor joists can replace traditional 2 s in new construction.  They have some advantages over traditional dimensional joists but there is a recent code change you [...]

Hard Surface Flooring Installation
How to Build a Home, Step 43 After painting the walls and ceilings, our next activity in our article series on How to Build a Home is hard surface flooring installation.  When we say hard surface flooring, we are referring to the installation of all hardwood, tile and vinyl.  This also includes any wall tile [...]

How to Build a Home, Step 42: Paint Walls and Ceilings
We continue with our series of articles we call, How to Build a Home, with step 42, prime and paint interior walls and ceilings.  This sounds like a simple activity s take a look at [...]

Step 41 in our How to Build a Home, Blog Series
Painting walls and ceilings in your new home sounds like a simple process. Here we share a few pro tips to help the owner builder avoid problems and schedule delays. This is step 41 in our series on how to build a home from start to finish at the Armchair Builder blog.

Install Masonry, Siding, and Garage Doors
How to Build a Home, Step 41 We install masonry, siding, and overhead garage doors sometime around drywall installation.  These are non-critical path activities when building a home.  Meaning, these activities won t typically hold up the new home schedule in any meaningful way.  However, there are a few key events that should be noted.  Here [...]
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