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EA to cap Star Wars: The Old Republic sales

Publisher says it will limit the number of retail, digital copies for upcoming MMORPG to ensure server stability at launch.

Ugandan Police Sprayed People with Pink Water Cannons to Break Up a Cere...

Seemingly lifted straight from some B-movie horror flick, a group of mourners in Uganda were sprayed by the police with water cannons filled

NBC: Gadhafi making plans for leaving Libya

Moammar Gadhafi is making preparations for a departure from Libya with his family for possible exile in Tunisia, U.S. officials have told NB

5.11 Tactical Flip Flops

5.11 Tactical Flip Flops offer comfort and warm weather fun. Black cushioning foam with plastic toe guard and 5.11 printed on the bottom, th

How the Hell Did a 17-Year-Old Get the Materials to Make Bombs?

Chalk this up under Near Disasters. Earlier today police arrested a 17-year-old who was allegedly putting together bomb-making materials in

Study Says Cell Phones Are Roasting Your Sperm

As if the invisible spectre of cancer weren't enough, now you might need to worry a bit about what cellphones are doing to your testicle. A

IBM's Processors Will Think Like Brains

It's been just over 30 years since IBM released its first PC and shook the whole world up. Hoping to do some more world-shaking, they've bui

A 15-Year-Old Girl's Bionic Hand Lets Her Live a Normal Life

Chloe Holmes, now 15, heartbreakingly lost most of her fingers when she was a mere toddler after suffering from septicaemia due to chickenpo

Dogs Can Smell Cancer on Your Breath

Lung cancer is really hard to detect early. So some scientists in Germany put their best sniffer dogs on the task. And you won't believe thi

WiFi-hacking neighbor from hell gets 18 years in prison

A Minnesota hacker prosecutors described as a "depraved criminal" was handed an 18-year prison term Tuesday for unleashing a vendetta of cyb

Calif. baby tossed from building; mom arrested

Read 'Calif. baby tossed from building; mom arrested' on Yahoo! News. A Southern California mother whose 7-month-old son was tossed from the

Man who shot his penis gets protection order -

The Arizona man obtained the order against his fiancee, who he said cooperated in a burglary of his home.

HP to follow IBM, ditch its PC business

HP may be ready to abandon its PC heritage as it looks for growth from the enterprise.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 follow-up rumored to pack 16 CPU cores

The next game console from Microsoft is rumored to pack 16 processing cores into its CPU, though it's unclear what that number would actuall

EA: The Old Republic has lost nearly 25% of its subscribers since March

Subscription numbers for EA and Bioware's The Old Republic MMO are down to 1.3 million, EA announced today, from a peak of 1.7 millio

Analysis: Don't pin Breivik's massacre on video games

LONDON (Reuters) - That Anders Breivik was a regular player of violent video games does not explain why the Norwegian became the calm killer

SPAM Lip Glaze Is Exactly What You Imagine It Is

Yes. SPAM Lip Glaze. You know, there are some times in which we don't have to write anything because someone writes it so perfectly that you

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report

Need a warrant to unmask Internet users? Not if Canada gets its way

Canada's ruling party is preparing to resurrect "lawful access" legislation that gives authorities access to Internet subscrib