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MIRSK is a producer of innovative speech recognition and digital dictation solutions, which saves time and increases work efficiency.
MIRSK is a producer of innovative speech recognition and digital dictation solutions, which saves time and increases work efficiency.

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Talegenkendelse: Akustisk Model
Den sidste artikel beskriver, hvordan et software modul kaldet "Frontend" behandler et lydsignal, så det kan bruges til talegenkendelse. En kort opsummering lyder: lydsignalet deles i små samples, hvert sample bliver analyseret og konverteret til 39 beskriv...

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Talegenkendelse: Signalbehandling
Som nævnt i de tidligere blogartikler skal lydsignalet behandles inden det kan bruges som input til talegenkendelsessoftware. Den behandling omfatter Digitalisering af det analoge lydsignal og  Konvertering af den digitale optagelse til et format som TGK-so...

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Hvordan sker automatisk talegenkendelse?
Hvordan virker talegenkendelse? Del 2: Processen I sidste artikel præsenterede vi artikelserien og beskrev talegenkendelse meget bredt. Koncepter som akustisk model, sprogmodel, leksikon, talegenkender og fon blev introduceret. I denne artikel beskrives tal...

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Hvordan virker talegenkendelse?
Talegenkendelse er komplekst. Talegenkendelse bygger på sprogteorier, statistiske antagelser og datalogiske muligheder. Det kræver, at man for at forstå talegenkendelse detaljeret skal have forstand på signalbehandling, akustik, maskinlæring, datalogi, stat...

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IT Trends. Cloud Computing. Interested? Check this out

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Unstoppable enterprise IT trend – Cloud Computing
The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven
than women’s fashion (Larry Ellison, chairman, Oracle). One of the most growing
IT trends is Cloud Computing. Really? A new Cloud server is added for every 600 smartphones or 120

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Mobility can be a very valuable asset for a
company. This not only means that employees can actually move within their
office, but also that they can work from anywhere – home, train,  coffee shop etc. However, for old-fashioned,
fixed and immobile company,...

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London – 4 th of December 2013 –
American global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan released three
big predictions for the global healthcare market. The company highlighted the
new areas of growth based on a ‘2013 Search for Growth’ survey which inv...

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A Break-Through Of Cloud-Computing On Chinese Market
As we all
know China is experiencing a growth in number of SMEs on the mainland. Together
with wider internet access, this will fuel the growth of the cloud-computing. Cloud
computing can be defined as the delivery of on-demand computing application as
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