SITREP for Resistance OP Campus Cornhole

Date: Sunday, October 6th 2013

Agents: North420, Daoism, Kdog406, and Mr Titliest

We started out the day in Kalispell MT with a L7, L5, and L1. The goal on the way to Missoula was to get our L1 up to at least 3 or 4 so once we got to the campus, she would be more helpful.

We managed to level her up a bit by letting her claim all the neutral portals from Kalispell to Missoula. Sites included Somers, Lakeside, Dayton, Big Arm, Polson, Ronan, St. Ignatius, and Arlee. Once we hit Missoula, she was L3.

Once at the campus we immediately noticed massive green fields literally covering everything. More green portals than I've ever seen in one place. This is definitely an active battlefield. We hacked our way through the sea of green and got some nice AP and some gear before making our way to one of the lower level hubs we wanted to try and take out.

Everything on campus is high level and shielded, so our first battle was long and arduous. After dropping most of my L7 bursters, backed up by my L5 and L3 teammates dropping their higher level bursters, we dropped the portal. 8 fields in all. After seeing how much gear it took us to drop that portal, we knew we were going to need some L8 help.

Agent Mr. Titliest met us down by the river at the blue farm, and after farming some more gear we decided to go cause some trouble for the local toads by taking down a couple of their favorite high level portals. Note to any team out there going out on bombing runs, make sure you have at least one L8 with a nice stash of L8 bursters. It makes dropping the shields much easier, leaving the rest of the portal exposed to lower level burster attacks.

After that we decided to go back to the campus and see what else we could wreck. We found our targets, a few high level green portals with a ton of links / fields going to them. This is where we learned how to stack bursters. Very effective, very wasteful. The phrase Shock and Awe comes to mind. I've never seen so many red numbers showing all the damage we were inflicting in one area. It was amazing. It was like on Super Mario Bros or Zelda on the NES when you get too many objects on the screen and everything starts to lag. Luckily we all had new smartphones. A Moto X, HTC One, and Galaxy S4. My old Galaxy Nexus would not have enjoyed this outing.

With our new L8 friend's help we managed to drop the majority of the major green hubs on campus and take out a couple of  Lafley and Griz's favorite farm portals.

Granted I now have very minimal high level gear, but the trip was well worth it. 240 miles there and back, all for #Ingress  

On the way back Kdog406 got her Level 4, not too bad for a day of Ingress. We literally played Ingress ALL DAY.

Here's a few pictures from the trip taken with my moto x. 

Ingress Missoula road trip
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