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Evidence #31 - Animage 26th Anniversary Poker Cards
Smaller cons can sometimes grant you access to things that you wouldn't find at most popular cons. I was recently at a con held in a little town in South Carolina, and one dealer in particular that sold comics had my interest while I was there. I came acros...

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Evidence #30: Thanksgiving Chirashi Special
I know its been months since there was any activity on this site, that's in part of me being busy with school and work stuff since my last post. I do have something special to show up on Thanksgiving, and that is some Chirashi posters from a contributor. Do...

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Evidence #29 - Animage Vol. 54 (December 1982)
Download PDF Here! (Size: 376mb) When it comes to anime magazine collecting, Animage seems to be the top tier in any anime fans collection when it comes to print media. Well, i'm here to present one of the handful of Animage issues I own from the lot of mag...

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Evidence #28 - Snatcher Sega CD Booklet (1994)
Download .pdf HERE ! (Total Size: 29.5 mb) This post is basically here to be as something to fill in some content before my next magazine scan comes out in due time. So for this time, I decided to post up my Snatcher booklet (and game) from the US Sega CD r...

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Evidence #27: My Anime Magazine (1982, Vol.12)
Well, I am once again late for my own celebration... Download .pdf HERE! (Total Size: 309 mb) I did what I told myself last year I wouldn't do again, and that was post after February to mark the 5th anniversary of this blog. Maybe... I won't do that again, ...

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Evidence #26: Newtype USA Vol. 3 No. 2 (Feb 2004)
Download .pdf HERE! (Total size: 940mb) I'd figure I would do a post to bring in the new year of 2016, and to also break that 3 or so month silence I usually do for content downtime. This was something I have been wanting to scan since I started this blog a...

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It's official, we're on Tumblr now!!!
The idea of putting this blog on Tumblr has been on my mind for... a really long time. So, I'd figured it was high time it gets done. The way I figure, it couldn't hurt to get more traffic to the site and get some fresh faces to check out whats here. The on...

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Evidence #25: (You can still) Rock in Animerica Segment (Vol. 4, No. 2, 1996?)
It's been almost a year since the last Animerica, but better late than never... Download Here! (size: 74.3mb) I've been meaning to get this out for months at this point, but better now than later. I say that because November 18th will mark the 20th annivers...

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Evidence #24: A-ni-me: The Berkeley Journal of Japanese Animation (Vol.1, Issue.1, 1990)
Download File HERE!! (Total Size: 158 mb) Well, now that Animazement has come and gone, I do have a gem that I got from the convention, what was from over a year ago that I haven't gotten around to scanning until just now.  So here is my story on that: I re...
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