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Rodrigues Pereira

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The crow at the Laguna Phuket
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Rodrigues Pereira

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Hi there!
First of all, may my country-fellowmen forgive me for not writting in Portuguese, but since I want to share this with the majority of you readers, I think English is the way to go (Esperanto would do as well, I suppose... at least, that's what some people say :-)
Now that I've surpassed the magnificient border of my fifties I decided to slow it down a little bit and take the time to share with you some of the marvells this small, blue tennis-ball called Earth has to offer.
But first of all, let me explain to you my "philosophy" about travelling: with all due respect to backpackers, that is not my cup of tea. I sincerely sustain that when leaving home - wherever that may be - you must have the same (or approximate) type of confort and cosyness that you get there. Or at least try to... That is propably why you will never read anything by me describing the wonderfull experience of hitchhiking in Nigeria...
This of course doesn't mean that you should always fly business or first class, stay in five star (or more) hotels or eat at Michelin rated restaurants!
The magic of travelling is to know how to choose where to stay and what to do and expect, even in places where you've never been to.
And unless your surname is the equivalent to nowadays Onassis, I sincerely never understood why you should pay 1.000 for something that you could get for 250, had you done your homework.
To put you in perspective, I've flown the Concorde (I miss the bloody bird!) a couple of times between London-Heatrhrow and New York-Kennedy, but I never spent more than a discounted return business class ticket (and I always flew back in first :-) ...
Or on the hotel side, why should you pay rack-rates at the Peninsula in Hong Kong, the (Mandarin) Oriental in Bangkok or the St. Regis in New York? If when you're scheduled to be there you cannot find discounted rates, opt for less costly properties like the W or Sheraton in Kowloon, the Royal Orchid in Bangkok or the Méridien in NYC. The next time you go, you may be lucky, but believe me, all those cities have to offer is still going to be there, waiting for you.
Restaurant-ways, unless you intend to propose (which I don't - hélàs - anymore), grab a lunch at La Tour d'Argent in Paris or at the roof-top restaurant of the Danieli in Venice. I promise you that the vistas are better and the service attention you get is of more quality... Notwithstanding the fact that the chef is the same, the pressed duck came from the same farmer, the Christoffle and crystal are alike and it will draw you back only 50% of what dinner would have.
There are methods of getting this type of arrangements and you don't have to be too fussy about it; all you have to do is to use a little "sense and sensibility".
Hence, in the up-coming post, we'll travel around a bit, to some of my favorite spots. Stressless, of course!

PS - Should you have any questions in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian or German, just shoot! I sort of handle those, too.
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