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Ok, I'm very confused. It seems someone has used my email, I tried signing up today but it said that my email had already been taken. I have not signed up to Poniverse before, this is my first time. I have signed up to EQD though, and was wondering if EQD had switched to Poniverse. However, I tried logging on to Poniverse as my EQD username, SonicRainboom32. Again, this didn't work. Also, I checked my inbox for a Poniverse verification, but there was nothing there. SO CONFUSED. Please help me if you know what went wrong.
I have a problem. When i try activating my account, it says There was a problem activating the account. :(. Can you help me?
Do u have to be a boy to join the Website?
+Rosey Butler Not at all!  Poniverse and MLP Forums welcome any and all fans of MLP! You'll find plenty of people of all genders and backgrounds on our network :D
+Poniverse i am BluEngiPony on poniverse partner, i just signed up today this morning yay
In Poniverse I am the reaper of Equestria named Deathmare. I was there a long time ago. 
I have issues with my voice and I do like scary things. Dry valley is what my land is.
I observe it, cause of the burials. Maintaining it all the time. So I recommend in day time. 
To come across, why well it is pitch dark. Can't see nothing. Need a torch. So thats me.
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