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Susan Humeston
Animal lover, Nature lover, Reader, Ponderer, Christian.
Animal lover, Nature lover, Reader, Ponderer, Christian.

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Moving On - My Sanity Projects and Sort of a Bullet Journal Attempt
I know myself well.  I often read recipes and then somewhat follow the directions, tweaking here and there, usually not for the best outcome, unfortunately.  If it has onion, surely it must have garlic, right?  Not always.  I do the same although I fight my...

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The Great Move (West?) of 2017
My husband gave his notice of retirement in September 2016.  The agreement is that he will work until June 30, 2017 and that he will then receive 6 months additional salary and the worth of benefits for the same period.  Since the day I met him some 26 year...

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I was about 9 years old, my 2 older sisters were the first and second
lead in the play Carousel at their high school.  They both had beautiful
singing voices;  the oldest played Julie, the lead female character and
was a senior that year, while the...

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Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve morning.  Up early to read my Bible, Handel's Messiah playing softly in the background.  Such quiet moments as these are precious.  Even the cats are subdued. 

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La Victorio Arduino
I've been reading articles on the internet about history, theology, politics, the human condition.  For hours.  Then I clicked to a page that had this image: Something about the picture arrested my attention.  The man appears to be very well heeled, leaning...

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Yesterday was Friday and it was a beautiful afternoon.  Blue skies, cool and breezy for South Florida.  I am a creature of habit and guilt.  There is almost always a voice in my head telling me I need to get home and clean/do laundry/cook/crochet/make items...

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Pictures Around Home and South Florida
Finally the weather is cooler and drier and pleasant.  Yesterday we went out into the Everglades via Holeyland and Rotenberger, then to 833, 835 and finally Clewiston.  Then we drove home.  We got a few pictures, not to mention the critters in our back yard...

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My Theory On Where "Going To Hell In A Handbasket" Comes From
one seems to know where the phrase, "going to hell in a handbasket"
came from.  I'm pretty sure based on history that those "criminals" who
were beheaded in England and had their heads then displayed on London
Bridge until they were picked clean by b...

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New Monarch
This morning a new Monarch butterfly was born.  I watched him as a caterpillar eating milkweed and getting bigger and bigger.  Then, when he had made a beautiful chrysalis, I cut the leaf it was hanging from and placed it inside a net container so that it w...

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First Good Migratory Bird Day Fall 2015
Today was the first day I could spend in the yard without fighting off mosquitos and feeling as if I was surrounded by hot liquid air.  Hurricane Joaquin picked up the cold front headed our way and pulled it through from west Florida to east Florida, as it ...
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