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One of the first people I connected with as part of CLMOOC was +Karen Fasimpaur and her teaching and growing and cooking activities are always inspiring to me.

I found a tweet of hers ( with some delicious looking garlic and downloaded the photo. Then I used the Prisma app on my phone to process the image of garlic to make it look like it was drawn and that is what I am sharing here.


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Here is my introduction as I dive in to another year of CLMOOC!

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My reflections on a morning bike ride through the landscape of Grand-Pré.

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I took some pictures as I rode through the Landscape of Grand-Pré this morning and shared the photos in an album with a blog post to follow.

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Better late than never, catching up with the make cycles and thinking about learning and games and sharing a game I made with Twine.

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I remembered a blog post from 2008 that I wrote when I fell in love with Super Mario Galaxy.
One of the interesting changes between the first version of Super Mario Galaxy and the second was that the learning became less subtle in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with more explicit tutorials and instructions. I loved the embedded tutorials that were disguised as challenges.

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Starting to play with Twine to make something in this cycle using something that I have never used before as I think about games and gaming and learning.

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I remediated and reflected a bit and wrote a blog post to go with the audio that I recorded as part of the second make cycle.

Unmaking another #untro  thanks to a tweet from +Karen Fasimpaur  about food makes, and I thought about food (as I often do).

So here is a list of meals I enjoy as another way of participating in this make cycle.

I manage my recipes in the Paprika App (on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro - and here are some of the things I love to make and eat.

* Oatmeal - most mornings I make oatmeal in a rice cooker, inspired by Roger Ebert - and put a local sliced apple in with it and eat it with some local vanilla yogurt.
* Pizza - ideally with dough I make using a recipe from or with a ball of dough from a pizzeria which is a lot faster. My favourite pizza is a simple margherita - sauce, cheese, and maybe some basil.
* Spiced Lentil Tacos - I love lentils and have been a vegetarian for a couple of decades and I recently found a great recipe for Spiced Lentil Tacos . I'll make these with Mexican Rice that I make in the rice cooker (just adding a bit of tomato sauce left over from pizza along with some spices).
* Black Beans - Black beans are the best and my long-time recipe for them is from Victoria Wise's The Well-Filled Tortilla Cookbook. I make a big batch of black beans and they are used in several meals in tortillas, refried, or cooked in beer, served in nachos, or in soup.
* One of my favourite comfort foods is Macaroni and Cheese and I love Jamie Oliver's recipe.

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I've decided to make a playlist of songs and a list of films as a way to introduce myself in a different and more fragmentary way.
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