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Skypeing in to Mac Break Weekly from the Admirals Club in Logan airport. As soon s this is over I go straight to my plane. On my way to MacTech conference in Los Angeles.
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Good show on the 5 by 5 network too by the way!
I'm going to show my ignorance. But do you use that portable light every time you skype?
Way to go, On the Go.. One day you'll be able to do a broadcast in flight ;)
Please tell us what model of portable light that is.
Sam here would like to know what the light is.
Teddy A
Actually seeing the way some people do their podcasting very interesting
Quite the setup in an airport!
your surprisingly quite funny with costic remarks usually which is quite rewarding enough said.....

+Andy Ihnatko
Tell us about you mobile set up.
Obviously not using a late 2013 MacBook Pro, it's so thick. Disgusting.
Kidding of course, can't wait for EP 375
I always wondered why your video looks a little more washed out compared to the other feeds on the show. 
I, too, will comment on your light.
What is that device in front of the mac book? 
Glad you made MBW - it's not the same without you!
Looks like a Tom Cruise.. MI6 encampment
+tony taylor Looks like a smartphone tripod adapter. Like this one:
+tony taylor Tony - buy one of those.  Awesome little tripod adaptor for smartphones or iPod touch.  You can get em for a couple bucks on ebay.
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