Ailing corporate culture threatens the bottom line – and can challenge the leadership skills — as well as the viability — of even currently profitable organizations.
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Thanks for this post. I learned a few really helpful things about receivables from it.
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"Cities around the country have seen a surge in entrepreneurial activity in the wake of the recession, but for New Orleans the metamorphosis has been particularly profound." +The Idea Village  #NOEW2013  
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Thanks so much for sharing this! I have been trying to learn a little bit more about receivables... Are you familiar with this website at all:
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How well are you managing your accounts receivable? Here are some tips to help you do it better - and get paid faster. +Funding Gates  #smallbusiness  
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That there is a direct correlation between price and quality in the minds of consumers is no secret. Your task is to use that mind-set to your advantage. #smallbiz   #pricing  
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1/3 of women business owners believe that they couldn't get financing if they tried. Their hesitation is not unfounded. Historically, women are far more likely to be turned down for loans than their male counterparts.

Read the article to learn about how some organizations are working to change that. +Lendio  #womenbusinessowners   #financing  
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Making choices that lead to a more efficient and effective organization is a better way to cut your business costs while boosting profits. #smallbusiness  
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Have them in circles
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Some lawmakers believe that the tax system should be more transparent and less expensive for small business owners. We agree. Do you?
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hey I need some good ideas for find new customer I be open my business couple 6 moths I do all market I be no have no retorno  please tell me no where I need gong thanks A-1 Beach house
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Experts believe that sequestration will further impede bank lending to small business. #smallbiz   #lending  
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As a small business owner, you might not be able to hire full time employees for every role. These are some great services available to help you run your business more efficiently - without paying a full time salary. 
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"So if we believe that financing, when acquired and used wisely, can be a great growth and expansion tool – what are the 3 most common mistakes that entrepreneurs and small business owners make that makes it difficult or impossible for them to get approved for financing? And what happens when these mistakes are made?" #smallbusiness   #financing  
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The online marketplace for selling accounts receivable
Gain Access to Capital on Your Terms:
In today's economy, small and mid-sized businesses are facing more and more frustrating cash flow difficulties.
The Receivables Exchange offers a better way to finance your business. By connecting you with a community of banks, financing companies and factors looking to purchase your outstanding invoices, we can turn your accounts receivables into cash.
The Receivables Exchange offers:
  • Affordability: Get 99-98 cents on the dollar for your receivables, on average.
  • Control: You set your price and your terms. Your customers don't know you've sold their invoices.
  • Flexibility: Get cash for a single invoice, or all your invoices. There are no personal guarantees, all-asset liens or monthly minimums.
Our online marketplace ensures you get the most competitive rates with the least amount of covenants. We are better alternative to traditional invoice factoring, asset backed and commercial lending. 
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