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skincaretipoftheday Wear at least SPF 15 every day or higher in strong sun to help prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and sunburn.

skincaretipoftheday Lemons support your liver and kidneys, and there’s a clear connection between healthy organs and healthy skin.

#Skincaretipoftheday Healthy skin has to be clean, so make sure you wash your face twice a day

#skincaretipoftheday instead of dabbing your moisturiser, gently massage it into your skin which will kick your circulation into gear.

Reach for the almonds for your skincare. They contain essential fatty acids, which stop inflammation that cause fine lines and sagging.

Need a skin pick me up? Try out my phototherapy treatment #Dermalux

The area around your eyes is the first place to show visible signs of aging.

Frozen peas help soothe itchy irritated eyes - the cold helps reduce swelling and pigmentation.

To keep your skin looking supple, spray your face with thermal spring water. It's rich in Selenium to help soothe and decongest the skin.
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