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California Wilderness: A Return to Self
Toward the end of each California Wilderness program, each student has the opportunity to do a "solo"-- a span of several days spent in solitude. Lily Westphal writes about her solo experience, and how time alone helped strengthen her connection to body, se...

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California Wilderness: Feeling Connected
Sammy Lassoff writes about her experience of trying to hard and learning to let go in the Yolla Bolly Mountains: Up until I had begun this program, I did not
recognize how truly disconnected from nature I was. It is crazy to think of how
detached I was from...

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California Wilderness: Belonging
Lost Coast, California: Walking onto the sand, all my possessions in my pack, I am
confronted with a beautiful view of endless ocean and a feeling of belonging
and excitement for what the wild coast will bring: wisdom in the waves, calmness
in a sunset, bel...

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Greetings from Domeland! The second leg of this tribe's trip has placed us in the southern Sierras, in
an old living space of the indigenous people of the area--our base camp sports
some grinding holes left in slabs of granite, and even some paintings! This...

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California Wilderness: Coyotes and Snow
This morning I woke up to the sound of coyotes howling. As
someone who usually wakes at noon or later, the coyotes and the morning sun are such welcome
alarms. I make my breakfast by the fire, preparing for today's hike adventure.
We pass the coyotes' track...

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Patagonia: an inside perspective
Kaleb Goff, a participant in the Winter 2014 program Natural History of the Patagonian Cordillera: Argentina and Chile , shares his enthusiasm for nature and experiential learning in this wonderful essay. Why not let nature be YOUR classroom? In
modern West...

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California Wilderness: A new beginning in Death Valley
The Spring California Wilderness group has just finished the first segment of their journey: Death Valley. In this passage, John O'Mara shares his experience of wild horses, turquoise mines and how time in the wilderness has already impacted him profoundly....

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Natural History of the Patagonia Cordillera: Argentina and Chile
Our group of Patagonian explorers are about to embark on their
final backpack trip, a 15-day excursion from Cochamó, Chile. They will trek from a coastal fjord to the continental divide,
through mature Valdivian rainforest and forests of higher elevation Fi...

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Natural History of the Patagonia Cordillera: Argentina and Chile
Since the beginning of January, a group of Sierra Institute
students and their instructor, Brett Lovelace , have been exploring the mountains, valleys, and plateau of the Eastern Andean Cordillera
in Argentina.  Fresh off a 22-day backpacking trip, they wil...
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