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Anyone run the Warlock from Meromorph Games? A player is looking to run it and it seems fun- if you've played or GMed a Warlock, any tips?

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Nice inspiration for an adventure or a campaign.

Are there favorite examples of in-game fights besides the 16-hp Dragon?

I'm looking to spice up our melees a bit and my struggle is to come up with clever moves when a character roles sub-10 beyond the standard damage roll or 'you lose your sword!' stuff.  Looking for inspiring examples of combat play.

Before I hack up my own, has anyone built a seafaring move a la Perilous Journey that has some fun outcomes?  I know you can just use PJ and maybe substitute Captain for Scout or whatever, but I bet someone has come up with something more fun.

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A song by COIL, my inspiration on vampires in fantasy gaming.  Long intro, but the lyrics are great.  I try to mix up the standard monsters as much as I can.  What are your influences for new takes on old monsters?

"You know the living.  We know the dead."

Coil - Tenderness of Wolves

File this one under adventure/NPC/character inspiration.

"My book is based on the personal journal that German executioner Frantz Schmidt (aka Meister Frantz) kept during his forty-five years in the profession, from 1573-1618. During this time, he executed 394 individuals by various methods, and also flogged, disfigured, or tortured many hundreds more. This was clearly an amazingly prolific executioner, but what has been even more intriguing to me since my first encounter of this manuscript is the unexpected portrait of Meister Frantz that emerges: a man forced into an unsavory occupation, who appears to never lose his commitment to fairness, forgiveness, and other humane values. 

Excerpt for non-Longreads members:

Anyone gritted up DW?  I'm not sure 'gritted' is a word but that won't stop me.  The system is generally set up for fairly epic or high fantasy play, but our group is considering a darker and grittier world with few magic items, high deadliness, etc.  

Anyone done a Warhammer-grit level game with DW?  Obviously the system is flexible but curious about actual play lessons.  

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Any Brooklyn based players looking for a game?

I am running one which is a lot of fun but is very infrequent (maybe once every 6 weeks or so).  I'd love to run a game for a few folks closer to every 3 weeks or so.  

Prefer to play semiseriously, meaning actually investing a bit in the story, characters and world.  I am in my mid-30s and prefer to play with folks who are post-college age because I am old and find your youthful energy repulsive.  

I can host or travel (within my sweet home borough).  

I'll try the standard forums, but have had no luck with them in the past.  If people have other suggestions for places to post I'm definitely open to it.

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Trey is an amazing photographer, and many of his photos can be used for adventure inspiration.  I love this one he just posted.  Castle of the Crab Men!
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