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This is cool! Set expiration dates on your Google Drive files.

Is anyone having trouble with Google Classroom today? I have 2 teachers that said their students are unable to open the assignments they gave. The assignment is just spinning to load.  

HELP!! I keep assigning my students projects as STUDENTS CAN VIEW FILE but they are able to EDIT the file!  I have done this over & over thinking I made a mistake but it is clear that each time I assign a project they can edit the document even when I set it as can view and in the share settings of the document it says can view! I have seen it happen to others in my district too. I don't know what I am doing wrong but this is a huge issue for me!  Any help would be appreciated!
FYI - in my assignment I am assigning a Slide presentation as Can View AND another Slide presentation set to Make a Copy.  

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This site is so cool & really easy to use!  Create interactive stories using inklewriter. 

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Set custom point values for assignments in Google Classroom - 2 Minute EdTech Tips
When Google Classroom was released, one of the issues I heard from teachers was the inability to set a grade point value for assignments outside of the 5 that Google Classroom provided by default. In this 2 Minute EdTech Tip, I show you how to set your own ...

I have a friend who is trying to use her school issued CB in another state. She is connected to the hotel WIFI but is getting connected to Drive Offline. Any ideas on why she would connect to Drive Offline or how to get her connected?  We tried restarting CB but that's all I could thing of.....
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Used this site today to resize a picture for the Google Online Directory.  Simple!! I like it!

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Padlet Mini is a new Chrome extension that makes it easy to post links, videos, and pictures to Padlet walls. Check out this great video on How to Use Padlet Mini!  Thanks +Richard Byrne 

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Google Docs & voice typing...this is cool!
You saw it here first - Google Docs is getting Voice typing.
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