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If I am using Vitamio library in my app, and I am using the app on a set top box which have ARMv7 NEON, do i need to install Vitamio Plugin ARMv7+NEON apk? Because as of now the video is lagging on my device and i have tried every suggestions i have found out there, setting pixelformat, setting video quality, etc. and nothing have helped me so far.

Am i the only one getting a bunch of warnings using the vitamio 5.0.0 library in eclipse?

The method onInfo(Message) from the type MediaPlayer.EventHandler is never used locally    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 1559    Java Problem

The method setStereoVolume(float, float) from the type AudioTrack is deprecated    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 1268    Java Problem

The field Build.CPU_ABI is deprecated    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio/utils    line 66    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.utils.Log is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 25    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.utils.ContextUtils is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 41    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.utils.CPU is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 22    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.utils.IOUtils is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio    line 24    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.Vitamio is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio/activity    line 29    Java Problem

The import io.vov.vitamio.Vitamio is never used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio/widget    line 51    Java Problem

The value of the field VideoView.mHeaders is not used    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio/widget    line 200    Java Problem

Dead code    /InitActivity/src/io/vov/vitamio/widget    line 99    Java Problem

Vitamio 5.0 doesnt have the to initialize decoders, so im unable to create a working apk with it. Anyone care to explain how to initialize decoders with 5.0? Much appreciated
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