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Kevin Miller
I do me. Take it or leave it.
I do me. Take it or leave it.

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Do you think in the themes you could add customization where we can change the bubble colors of the sent and received texts? So we're not stuck with one color.

I can't even begin to talk about how backwards everything has been lately and the things going through my head. I need to clear my mind of everything soon or I'm gonna explode.

I love people who I work with that mess around all day and just annoy people.

school until 240 and then closing shift at work. awesome....

People need to get more active on this site. It's boring on here lol

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Very dangerous storm. Realize that there was damage caused!!!

So glad my phone battery life is improving. Definitely will be more active on this site lol

I love you +Steph Magliocco so much =)

Lake Compounce was really fun =) I love you steph <3

Google+ is better then Facebook. Once people realize that and everyone important in my life moves over to this, goodbye Facebook. Work tomorrow til 7. Goodnight everyone
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