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Adil Hindistan
A passionate technologist, Systems Engineer, blogger, tech writer, history lover, news junkie
A passionate technologist, Systems Engineer, blogger, tech writer, history lover, news junkie

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Google Spaces
I am a Pocket user, I happily pay them ~$30 a year for the search service they provide for the articles I save in my account. I am, however, getting warmed up to Google Spaces for some time now. They announced it in May 2016 as a tool for "Small Group Shari...

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PowerShell Function to Fix System Path
Before Windows 7, max length of the PATH environment variable was 1024 chars. Many years ago, we found ourselves troubleshooting a huge problem in our environment that was caused by faulty install scripts that were appending the PATH variable many times tak...

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ConvertFrom-String or Not
One of the new cmdlets in PowerShell v5 is ConvertFrom-String. It's using a Microsoft Research Technology called "FlashExtract", a machine learning technology. I was hoping that it would finally rescue us from RegEx! ~/Yay/Heh/g I've seen several MVPs write...

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Clear Recent Documents List on OS X
TL;DR:  Remove the relevant .sfl file located under the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/ - * - It's Halloween! Time for scary stuff. As the tech admin of the h...

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No Birthday Reminders for People You Don't Know
I made it a habit to add my Google account to "Internet Accounts" in OS X, which also enables me to see calendar events on the notification window when I am on my Mac. Problem is that I get bombarded with birthday reminders for people I do not personally kn...

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Chrome Remote Desktop Eating Up Free Space
Last night, I noticed my iMac was a bit unhappy as it had run out of (250GB) SSD space. I recalled that the night before I had installed Google Drive and left it synchronizing and also had not yet moved the new Photos app to larger secondary drive, which wa...

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Automount NAS share on Mac
NAS It's been several years since I was sold on using a NAS to solve the data sharing problems at home. QNAP TS-439 Pro was my choice. Frequent firmware updates kept it up to date and relevant. When something becomes popular, say Google Drive, you get a fir...

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Flickr Uploadr for Mac
Last year Yahoo revived Flickr, and they offered something none other are offering even now: 1TB free space for your pics and videos. I had my Flickr account from early 2000s that, like everyone else, I had not used for ages. I started using Flickr again......

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Home and End buttons in Mac Terminal
I hate it when Terminal in my mac scrolls up when I hit 'Home' key, or all the way to the bottom, when I hit 'End' key. As most would do, I expect 'Home' key to take me to the beginning of the line, and 'End' to the end of it. I can of course use 'control+a...

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How to move iPhoto Library to a different drive
I wanted to move my iPhoto Library from my SSD disk to secondary SATA disk on my iMac. It's pretty easy to do: Create a folder in the target drive Hold down Command button and move the "~/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary" directory to the target drive  ...
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