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Are you [not] using one of our SOAP client libraries? We are looking for feedback in both cases! This very short survey will help us to shape the future development.

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Announcing v201309 of AdWords API

Today we are releasing the AdWords API v201309. This latest release introduces offline conversion import, adds new reports and also makes several Beta features available to all API users. We've also reworked the AdWords API Developers site making it more friendly and easier to navigate. Take a look and let us know what you think!

See our blog post for more details. Comments are welcome! ;)
Today we are releasing the AdWords API v201309. This latest release introduces offline conversion import, adds new reports and also makes s...
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I checked both fields. Should be good now.
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OAuth2 in the Google Ads APIs

A useful entry point for OAuth2 info about the Ads APIs. Pulling OAuth2 information from AdWords, Double Click for Publishers, Double Click for Advertisers and Double Click Ad Exchange. It includes a short video covering the basic concepts.

If you already know the basics of OAuth2, then jump straight into the example codes and wiki pages.

Otherwise skip straight to the video at:
OAuth 2.0 & Google

#GoogleAds   #OAuth2   #QuickStart  
If you’re not using OAuth2 , this blog post is aimed at you. OAuth2 is the preferred authorization mechanism at Google. That’s mainly be...
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Important announcement on the Enhanced Campaigns automatic migration.
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Last week at Google #io13  , we had a Google Ads Track where we provided updates on our Google Ads products. We also made some product announcements, including the launch of a new AdMob to help you build your app business ( and Open Bidder to help you create real-time bidding applications (

If you weren't able to attend these sessions in person or watch the live stream, we have recorded them for your convenience:

( - Build a Great App Business with AdMob
( - Dynamically Configure Mobile  Applications: Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps
( - Optimize Web and Mobile Apps, Across Devices, Using Google Analytics
( - Introducing Open Bidder: Leverage Google’s Cloud Platform to Reinvent Display Advertising
( - Google Analytics and AdSense Data Analysis in BigQuery

Share your thoughts on these sessions and tell us which one was your favorite!
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If you are in I/O, come over to say hi!
Google Ads Developers host Office hours at the I/O Sandbox today and tomorrow. Come over to the Ads section on the second floor to meet AdWords and AdX (+Kevin Winter, +Danial Klimkin, +Anash P. Oommen, +Paul Matthews, +David Torres, +Takeshi Hagikura, +Tarjei Vassbotn), AdMob (+Eric Leichtenschlag, +Raj Parameswaran), AdSense (+Jose Alcérreca, +Sérgio Gomes), DFA (+Joseph DiLallo) and DFP (+Vincent Tsao, +Paul Rashidi, +Shawn Busolits) experts.
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Google is offering startups $1,000 of credit to start building applications on Google App Engine. App Engine is a development platform that makes applications easy to write, simple to scale, and trivial to manage. Apply for App Engine for Startups at and use verification code DR-03. Application deadline is April 30, 2013.
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Announcing v201406 of the AdWords API

Today we’re announcing the release of AdWords API v201406! See the blog post for highlights.

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I'll be presenting in Paris, Hamburg and Moscow.
Register Now for the Q4 2013 AdWords API Workshops

We're pleased to announce that the AdWords API Workshops are coming back for another round in October and November of 2013. Registration is now open.

Workshop topics include:
- The latest on the AdWords API and newly released features
- AdWords API Best practices and OAuth migration
- In-depth coverage of reporting, billing, feed services, and more
- Drop-in tools you can use to enhance your platform
- Building landing pages optimized for mobile devices

The workshops are a great way for you to meet with and ask questions of the Google AdWords API team in person. This is also a key occasion for members of the community to bring their feedback directly to us. It’s also a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow developers.

Register now and join us at a workshop in one of the following cities:
- Paris, France, October 28 (in English)
- Hamburg, Germany, October 30 (in English)
- London, UK, November 4 (in English)
- New York City, USA, November 4 (in English)
- San Francisco, USA, November 8 (in English)
- Moscow, Russia, November 8 (in Russian)
- Tokyo, Japan, November 11 (in Japanese)
- Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 22 (in Spanish)
- São Paulo, Brazil, November 26 (in Portuguese)

The workshops in the USA and Europe are technical in nature and best suited to developers. Those in Argentina, Brazil, and Japan will have additional sessions accessible to a broader audience, including non-developers.

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Would love to help with a workshop in #LosAngeles sometime.
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Important announcement: AdWords and DFP will be sunsetting ClientLogin support in all API versions to be released, starting in 2014. To ensure uniform, and high, standards of privacy and security for our advertisers and publishers, we will support only OAuth2 in the future.
ClientLogin support has been deprecated across Google in favor of the security enhanced OAuth2 authentication mechanism . AdWords and DFP ...
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We are pleased to announce the release of AdWords API v201306. This latest release introduces new reports, adds platform targeting options for the Feed services, and includes improvements across other services.

We are pleased to announce the release of AdWords API v201306. This latest release introduces new reports, adds platform targeting options ...
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When it's done, it's done!
A Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on the AdWords API and Ads SOAP client libraries.
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